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10-18-16, 09:40 PM
Hi all, first post, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place.

I had a question pertaining to health care and a certain situation. Here's a little background info: I'm 18, just got to college this past August,male, and I'm still on my parents health insurance (Aetna- I have a dependency card).
I am currently trying to get onto a perscription for ADHD medicine. Not any specific type, whatever works for me.

Also, before I go any farther I would like to stress this:
No, I am NOT in any way shape or form just a college student looking for the "magic study pill". I won't be sharing or selling any of the medicine I receive and I will not be abusing/overusing whatever I may be perscriped. I am genuinely just looking for a way to manage myself so that I can continue to do well in college, because as plans are at this moment I am going to be working towards a doctoral degree and I'm extremely worried that if things continue the way they have since I got here, that may become a very far fetched idea.

Normally, people would just go to the doctor and go through the steps to find out what works, and I would do that, except for the fact that my mom will not "allow" me to use ADHD meds (any of them. Adderal, Ritalin, and even the less "dangerous" ones such as strattera), because she doesn't feel they are safe.

I lasted through high school by doing the techniques my doctor gave me (changing subjects when I reach a block, short studying in 15-30 minute bursts, picking something to focus on like my finger to tap on the desk while I listened to a teacher) but of course as anyone could tell you, college and high school are nowhere near the same and I have found myself struggling.

Now. My question:
What shows up on a health insurance statement? Meaning if I go to see a doctor tomorrow, tell them of the situation mentioned above, and used my insurance card at the office and for my perscription purchase (I pay the co pay and the meds with my money) , what would my mom receive.

Would she get a statement saying "Person went to x doctor for x reason and bought a perscription for x"?
Or would it rather read something more obscure that I could just blame on having a cold or my head hurt really bad.

I realize what I am planning to do, and I realize that I'm doing something really detailed, but I have tried speaking to her about it, asking her to allow me to at least try, techniques, gum, everything. None of it seems to help me like it did in high school. I also do not have the option of getting my own health insurance, because anything I could afford right now wouldn't even be helpful when paying for things.

Any help you can give is very appreciated, thanks everyone and have a good night!