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10-19-16, 06:55 PM
so the other day i was trying to figure out what the heck i did with my spare time as a kid in elementary/middle school and i remembered that i spent a lot of time on the computer and on the internet

and through that, i made a whole group of friends on (extremely) casual roleplaying websites. we started out by chatting and lite-RPing on the forums on Neopets (lmao) but then made a pretty close network of friends. im facebook friends with maybe one or two of the people from back then, but its not like we talk. eventually, since we kept getting our threads closed because apparently they weren't "appropriate," we moved to GaiaOnline and hung out there.

i also roleplayed a little bit in high school, when i got into Homestuck, and i played with a group of friends very regularly. i could never be bothered to read what they had RP'd when i was away, and when they started to do extended RP's (not just fun random days, but following a longer storyline and acting out plots and stuff) i had trouble going into the history of the chat to get caught up, and since i was playing a troublesome and mischievous and sometimes evil characters, i would kind of mess things up a lot more than i would have liked. i actually got kicked out from the group, even though i was friends with most of them, and there were only like 5 of us ):

this might overlap with social anxiety, but honestly, i think the main reason i ended up making so many (short but good) relationships online was because 1) it was definitely easier, you have more time to think out what you're going to say and 2) it was just more exciting. you create a fantasy world with other kids and it becomes almost a real world. you can have superpowers, romances, go anywhere, do anything!! i havent done any RP since then, but it was a relatively big part of my life and helped give me the social life that i had trouble maintaining outside, mostly because it was hard to relate to a lot of people. but then again, the only people IRL that i could relate to were /very/ often kids with adhd or other disorders, even though i didn't know it at first, and i/we just gravitated toward them/each other.

but i think that in the end, having those online friendships were really good for me, and provided me with an outlet for my creative energy and desire to be social. it definitely helped keep me from feeling totally isolated and lonely, which i otherwise would have.

does anyone have similar experiences? its probably more common around people who spent more time growing up with the internet, but whatever

10-19-16, 08:11 PM
lol i guess i already made a post like this!

but this one says MORE stuff