View Full Version : Starting bupropion xl... Seizure risk?

10-20-16, 12:49 PM
I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and show all the classic signs of ADD-PI.

After discussing with my PCP and doing research on here and other websites I decided to ask my doctor for a script for bupropion xl 150 mg once a day.

My doctor mentioned that he did no prescribe this much due to seizure risk and didn't even seem to know about the XL/ER versions of the medication.

I know their is some history of seizures with this medication but I will be taking this without any other medications and no history of seizures in my past.

If i were to have a seizure i could loose my license which would cause me to loose my job and everything i own.

Is there a real risk or is my ADHD mind just blowing it out of proportion?

I dont want to take stimulants if i dont have to plus my doctor wont prescribe them.

10-21-16, 03:08 AM
The highest dose I believe you can take of wellbutrin is 450 mg (?)
The lowest I thought was 150 but I could be wrong.