View Full Version : Manufacture coupons for new medication don't work long term(Nuvigil,Zenzedi,etc)

10-20-16, 07:39 PM
So you know those coupons that are at the doctors office? They never worked for me after the first FREE fill which is up to 60 depending which medicine. They all say first fill FREE than 2nd fill only $(insert whatever low price it says with an asterick*) and onwards up to 12 months. Which is BS. The reason for asterick next to the price is because if you read the conditions either at the corner or the back of the coupon it says maximum savings up to $"insert here" off per fill.Obviously if your like me and don't have insurance,that amount off per fill subtracted from the pharmacy cash price of the medication WILL NOT equal $5,$10,$30,$45,$55,or whatever fake price is listed on the coupon.

I'm the idiot who thought that it would actually be true. After the FREE fill for Zenzedi,Vyvanse,Nuvigil the price at the pharmacy is way above my price range,whether I have insurance or not. I tried to get refill on Nuvigil and she told me it was $564 for 30 250mg tablets(I got the first fill FREE 9/15) and that was after the maximum amount the manufacture would take off which was like $250. After talking to the pharmacist for like 15 minutues she basically confirmed its a marketing tactic pharmaceutical companies use when they market new drugs.

Can you actually believe I foolishly thought I would only have to pay $5 co-pay earlier for Nuvigil re-fill even though I fell for the same trick with Vyvanse and Zenzedi manufacture coupons? By the way I was able to actually call in for a re-fill even though Nuvigil is CIV medication.The bottle said 1 re-fill before 10/18/2017 or something far away like that even though I got the free month on 9/15/2016(Pharmacy mistake?)

Goodrx is what I use as I haven't had insurance for months. The prices are low enough for most generic popular medicines that you could afford it.Matter of fact when I had insurance the pharmacy let me use goodrx( for co-pay sometimes if it was cheaper than insurance co-pay due to high deductible(Blue Shield Blue Cross-Texas/Obamacare)

If your new to medication do yourself a favor and don't put high hopes in using a manufacture coupon pass the FREE fill unless you have low deducitible insurance and the manufacture's coupon will synergize with your insurance to the price of what the coupon actually says(its possible).:thankyou: