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10-23-16, 11:13 PM
I finally got through "Driven to Distraction". It was an incredible eye-opener. I think what other people don't understand and what I didn't is just how pervasive it is in terms of controlling my life. I'd been previously diagnosed but hated the meds and their effects so I went off and lived with it.

I want to go back on b/c I'm doing something currently which really requires a level of focus and organization that I just can't summon up and it's incredibly frustrating. My main concern is what I am being treated for and what kind of effects the meds will have that would be the polar opposite of what I need. What I'm doing is incredibly important to me and as crazy as this sounds there are parties in direct adverse positioning to me that would go to great lengths to thwart any kind of benefit that I would seek to help myself.

So my question adverse is tegretol to my need for the proper treatment for ADD. Thanks.

10-24-16, 12:03 AM
Hey I'm thinking this is definitely a question for a really sharp doctor. Pursue that with a good doc ... and find a really good doc ... because the best ones find creative ways to solve problems ... even when a first path appears to be blocked.


10-24-16, 12:07 AM
I know nothing about tegretol but I do know that childhood experiences of meds are not a good measure. parents and teachers measure by performance and not always paying attention to how the child feels. They can't feel the side effects. There are many meds at varying doses and it takes time to find what works and this time your own judgement is the voice that gets heard.

10-24-16, 12:12 AM
It could vary from person to person because medications and interactions between can vary a lot. Some side effects are more common than others, for example. But some are rare but still happen.

Is your concern that those who would thwart you have something to do with your meds? If that's the case, I encourage you to talk to your psychiatrist about what you're taking and why.

I can't recall having taken tegretol, but I've taken several similar things and there can be interactions and I've dealt with them. But that's just my experience and there are ways to adjust, etc, once you're otherwise stable enough. Only a pharmacist, your prescribing physician, or his or her psych nurse can give you an idea of how they might interact in your case, though.

10-24-16, 09:39 AM
Driven to Distraction was my introduction to ADD. I was diagnosed around 2004, while attending a junior college, and the book was (highly) suggested reading. It totally opened my eyes, so much so I made my girlfriend and father read it. Opened my girlfriends eyes, and my dad identified with so many of the symptoms is possible he had it.

Wonder if there's a book since with the same impact or importance, one updated with more recent medical information.

10-24-16, 12:25 PM
Tegratol , widely used where I worked at one stage. I don't think this will help your ADD med.
I would go to the doctor and talk to them about this.

Make notes be thorough about what you want to say. I'm not a dr but this would be a complicated proposition.

I'm guessing if you take tegratol you need it, but I believe there is always a way.