View Full Version : Why depression and ADHD together stick around

10-26-16, 05:55 AM

^^ Made this video because I was too lazy to type but if anyone watches I'll be a little surprised because i loose my train of thought with a video camera.
I have more thoughts to clarify but i'll wait to see if anyone wants to chat about this.

11-07-16, 03:06 PM
Hey !

Obviously being isolated (or not "connected") leads to depression. Thing is, there are a lot of disorders that leads you to be unable to build a fulfilling social life.

Could you say a little more about why you feel you are not "naturally connected" the way other people are ? In your everyday life, how does it show itself ?

I ask because I can relate but I have not yet been tested for ADHD and I soon will. I have social anxiety (a lot less than I used to) and depression, both being disorders that makes connection difficult and that have a lot of symptoms in common with ADHD, so I have trouble finding out if I have it or not.

Also, not very relevant and maybe a little creepy, but anyway I guess it can't do any harm to say it: you look pretty. If you did not I don't know if I could have followed the entire video without losing myself in my thoughts haha.

11-14-16, 01:30 AM
I wasn't officially diagnosed ADD until early this year. Before that I was diagnosed with depression, panic/agoraphobia and ocd. I have suffered from these disorders for decades now. I find it more than a little curious that all of those disorders are all linked to serotonin abnormalities. I say that because serotonergic (SSRIs, SNRIs) medications seem to help with all three disorders. It is not at all uncommon for several psychological disorders to coexist. I believe they are caused (chemically, anyway) by the same deficiencies. It's been shown that depressed people, anxious people, etc., don't have a deficiency of serotonin, but whatever serotonergic drugs are doing, they help for all three disorders. That can't be a coincidence. If it's not a deficiency in serotonin, then blocking the reuptake of serotonin (and to a lesser degree, norepinephrine) is causing a change somewhere else along the neurotransmitter chain. It's well known that you can't alter one neurotransmitter without affecting others.
Have you been diagnosed with any other disorders, besides ADHD? What medications are you now taking? It may be other things causing you to be unable to "connect" fully with others. If you are depressed and are not on an antidepressant, ADHD meds don't help very much with depression. I was put on amphetamines this year, with the hopes it would help not only the ADD, but also my treatment resistant depression. It has helped my depression some, but I still need my antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds along with the Dexedrine. If you could fill us in a little more about any other problems you may have been diagnosed with, maybe we can help a little.
Take care:).