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10-27-16, 07:18 PM
I have an important meeting tomorrow with someone I hope to work for, but I have no idea what we plan on talking about! A few weeks ago, she said that we had to get together, but that was it. How can I address this with her in a kind and professional way? How can I ask her what she wants to talk about without seeming pushy?

I need to prepare for the meeting that's tomorrow morning but don't know what to prepare for. I can meet her tonight but don't know how to ask her what she wants to talk about. This is so awkward. I sent her a text yesterday and she didn't respond.

10-27-16, 07:37 PM
Maybe that was her intention ,so you are not preparing in advance and giving her rehearsed answers.

If YOU don't know what to prepare for tomorrow, then there is good chance she knows you don't know.

Maybe that's the reason why she didn't respond.

10-27-16, 07:55 PM
Anon, I hate not knowing what's on the agenda, because I'm terrible at coming up with coherent answers on the spot. I would be totally anxious, too!

Hopefully your Toastmasters training will come in handy here -- even if you can't pre-plan a speech, at least you know you have some good experience in speaking to an audience. (Even if the audience here is 1 person.)

If it's someone you want to work for, and you think this may be an informal job interview, it might be helpful to prepare the following:

- a current resume (which you can hang onto and give her if/when it seems appropriate)

- one or more reasons why you want to work for this person: it is that you are passionate about the goals the person is working towards? that you've heard she's a good person to work for or that the organization/company/whatever is really great? that you're looking to pick up specific skills or experiences that this person/company can provide? that you're looking to move into this type of work from what you've recently done?

- one or more things that you believe you could contribute: specific experience/skills from previous jobs that would benefit this person/company? strong interest/passion for certain aspects of the work?

Without knowing the person or whether or not she's actively hiring at the moment, and without knowing the details/tone of your earlier conversation or how you met, it's hard to know how the conversation will go. Maybe it's just a casual "getting to know you" or "picking your brain for ideas" kind of thing. Maybe it is an informal job interview. Maybe she's not actively looking to hire anyone now, but would keep you in mind for the future if your passion and experience shine through.

In any case, I hope the conversation goes well -- comfortable and positive.

10-27-16, 11:48 PM
Thanks, N. I saw her tonight and she mentioned just wanting to pick my brain tomorrow.

No one gets what we go through when confronted with the unknown.

10-28-16, 12:20 AM
It is going to be a test she wants to find out what you think without rehearsed answers. Do not ask her about what you will be talking about. It is an impromptu interview.
Good luck.:D

10-29-16, 12:22 AM
I've already shared my resume with her. I've sent her cards, one with brownies, explaining my appreciation for her. We've gone through the intro stuff.

We had an amazing conversation today and connected in many ways. She wants me to write some things for her. Do you believe that???!!!

10-29-16, 12:30 AM
Yay for you!:yes: :D :D