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10-29-16, 01:56 AM

I'm medicated as per usual, everything is fine enjoying my weekend and my partner is talking endlessly about Something I already know about, she is explaining the subject to a minute detail and it's driving me crazy!

She starts sidetracking aswell an I don't know what the point of her side stories are im feeling overwhelmed, confused, depressed and stressed to the point that I want to tell her to shut the F@$# up!

Why does it annoy me so much to have mindless dribble poured into my ear about Crap I'm not interested in? Is my medication too high? Am I over focused (need to reduce my meds?) Do I need a chill pill? What is it?

I'm not going to snap on my partner, I just want quiet time to myself with out her drama filled thoughts entering my mind!

Now she's interrupting me to show Facebook posts..... Why is this so annoying? I don't want to be rude and tell her I'm not interested in any of this. Why can't she be interested in something more thought provoking?

10-29-16, 03:48 AM
I just want quiet time to myself
Have you told her this explicitly?

I'm not sure telling her that you need some quiet time is any more rude than pretending to listen and rolling your eyes inside, and it might get you what you need...

10-29-16, 04:55 AM
Doesn't sound like you enjoy her company.

Just be open and ask her to please stop talking for a while because you need the space quiet for a while, and that you'd like her to stay with you in the room because you do like her there. (Unless you don't want her in the room either)

Relationships are about being open and honest - in a kind and respectful way.

10-29-16, 05:40 AM
Totally agree with the above,
And while the subject doesnt interest you its something shes happy and ecxited about.

Little Missy
10-29-16, 09:05 AM
My husband used to pat me on top of my head and say, "Not now Princess, Dad's busy." With a big smile.

10-29-16, 12:07 PM
If you did need a reduction in your ADHD meds, this could be a sign. It really depends on your situation.

But making assumptions is tricky, because while it's true that medication can be a direct cause of irritability and anxiety, it can also just be magnifying your authentic emotions.

If your meds are excessive, your partner will likely say that you seem driven, over-focused, and distant.