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10-30-16, 02:33 AM
Fist off, many thanks to everyone here for the forum and their contributions. This has been an invaluable resource to me since I discovered a few months ago that ADHD existed and that I had it. I've tried Ritalin and Dexamphetamine up to the maximum doses without much improvement, doc now has me on Strattera because I said I wanted to try that before going above the maximum prescriptions

I know there are a few posts on bed time performance, and I've had a few of those issues but nothing that wasn't overcome eventually. But there is one issue that seems to be impacting on my ability to get my mrs pregnant.

The Issue.
I can't seem to find info on, err "volume". There doesn't seem to much, if any, fluids at climax.

Has anyone else had this? I asked my Psychiatrist before trying and he said there was no issues, perhaps that was just in relation to things like birth defects etc. Although I'm not sure how experienced my psychiatrist is overall in Strattera.

Mods. Very sorry if this isn't the place to post stuff like this, feel free to delete.

10-31-16, 04:03 AM
How much Strattera do you take per day?

I tend to take a lower dosage of 50mg now as I found higher dosage gave me retrograde ejaculation, so the fluid shoots the wrong way. You can read up on Wikipedia. I just didn't like the side effects of the higher dose, so dropped down.

At 50mg or 60mg per day this side effect doesn't happen and my volume is more than if I took no Strattera at all. I'm not as focused as with higher doses so I drink a decent amount of coffee and exercise to bring get my focus where it needs to be. Worst case I can always increase my dose when needed during stressful projects.

I was taking Strattera a few years ago when my daughter was conceived and she is now a healthy young girl of 18 months and she is perfectly normal. (If anything she is quite advanced for her age, learning to count etc).

10-31-16, 06:58 AM
thanks for that. retrograde ejaculation... learn something new everyday.. I wonder what that feels like.

My dose:
Week 1-4 @ 40mg
Week 4-8 @ 80mg
Now I'm 2 weeks into 100mg

So i'm on the max that my Dr says he prescribes.