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10-30-16, 03:10 PM
I dropped out of school quite young, and I never did listen while I was in class. I am primarily self taught. My ADD always gave me issues.

I am 29 now and I have been working for over a year to complete my GED. It took me a year to do 2 tests, but I passed them with decent scores. What's left for me is science and math- both subjects I never paid much attention to in school. I am having to learn BOTH subjects from the "ground up" - so to speak, as I never learned about them in school. Although it is overwhelming, I find it rewarding. However...

My ADD badly inhibits my ability to be productive. I struggle with simple tasks.I did my laundry for the first time in months. I go through a very long process in order to complete any task.

Lately, I've been skipping class because I feel guilty for not doing my homework and as a result, I'm getting very far behind. It's starting to make me very depressed and hopeless. My question is:

What helps YOU be more productive in your life for the things that you need to do? How do you cope with this disorder? What can I do to help myself? How can I get back on track with school?

Note: Therapy is not an option anymore as she moved away and I live in a remote location with little resources. My behavioral therapist was the only reason I even tried to get my GED. But she's gone now and I need to figure out how to do this on my own.

10-30-16, 03:49 PM
What helps YOU be more productive in your life for the things that you need to do?
-severe consequences caused by no action
-real deadlines ,again with some degree of consequences

10-30-16, 05:58 PM
Getting back on track with anything is one of the major problems most of us with ADHD face on a fairly regular basis.

Getting back on track with school means (partly, at least) getting back on track with some or all of your teachers.

Force yourself to go talk to the teacher who you're probably in the most trouble with. In that conversation, try for the two of you to work out some way for you to get done what you need to do so that they'll be satisfied with your performance in their course.

Then go do that again with each of the other teachers who need things from you that you haven't finished yet.

If some teachers will let you off of a few things, fine. If they won't let you off of anything or they're not allowed to do that... well, at least you'll know for sure.

Go in to each teacher expecting them to be reasonable and not cruel. If you still have to do everything but they are fairly nice about the whole thing, that's perfectly reasonable. If some of them make an actual effort to help you, then that's great.

They will not blame you for asking. (At least they better not.) Some teachers will blame you if you needed help and you didn't ask, or blame you for asking too late - so do it now while everything is screwed up, don't wait for things to get a little better first.