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11-01-16, 08:55 PM
I'm in a bus, writing this, to keep it natural !

At the moment my life was finally adult and independent, even balanced with friends to turn to, living in my own room - I get fired from the theatre. Because of the symptoms of ADD. I am too slow for I'm too overwhelmed by too many details and the confusion leads me to often repeat a mistake.

I did the best I could and fought to remain practical, remember lessons from my travels and be financially independent yet failed for something I couldn’t help. Life, or society, just isn't fair sometimes. But there are definite benefits from this situation as well.

Due to severe social anxiety. I have finally come to terms with the handicap of life long Avoidant PD as I had decided to quit this morning, before being fired an hour later.

Avoidance leads me to hyper sensibility, near delusions and anger. I don't cope well with it yet.

The support I received from friendly colleagues was so amazing, my near-one-tear wasn’t from the regret of loss of employment, but from the never felt before appreciation. I got hugged, tapped on the shoulder and at home, in my building, over time we built a 'gang' that I can always hope to trust to find and expect good times, street hanging with a drink, them smoking (I don't) and they were there for me.

Not once did I feel more than disappointed being unemployed. For the simple fact that I was, for a first in my life, given relentless genuine care of people I got close with. I just can't believe how my life managed to improve to the point I know people will actually miss me. Despite having a difficult character (I don't fake, impatient, sarcastic humour, thinking 'different' and talk too much)

11-02-16, 03:21 AM
Hey! Ok not a great thing to happen, but you handled it beautifully

11-02-16, 03:37 AM
Long time no see. Good to hear from you! !!

11-02-16, 03:27 PM
Good to hear from you Ocyan :grouphug:

11-03-16, 04:17 AM
Hey man, that really sucks. I hope you can continue the good vibes again soon!