View Full Version : Think I've given WB a good try, now what?

11-02-16, 02:12 PM
I've been on Wellbutrin a couple of times.
First time, last year, I started out at I believe it was 150XL. Noticed instant help, my fidgeting decreased, and I could focus better.
That lasted about a month. I could always feel my brain fogging up in the afternoon. So, they switched me to a 100 short release 2x a day. Didn't seem to help that much, and my symptoms started returning.

So, this year, my doc writes me for the same regimen all over again. (Different doc). I explained what happened last year, but she insisted on me giving it a chance again. Well, the same thing is happening all over. The XL started wearing off early. Went to the 2x day, and it really doesn't seem to do much. But now, I am also on Klonopin, 1mg 2x day for anxiety. I had been on this many years ago, with a lot of success as far as being social, getting myself to be outgoing and being more personable. This part is seeming to return. When I am at work, I definitely see a difference on the Klonopin, I am much more open and talkative, less shy, and I speak my mind.
But, the ADHD issues are still just as bad. I still fidget, I still sometimes forget major things, I still lose stuff, I can't keep track of time, always late for things, get sidetracked with everything...etc. The anxiety part is much better, but the ADHD is still holding me back. I have no energy, I have no initiative, I can't start things, I procrastinate a lot. My motivation is about zero.
I'm not sure I like the direction the WB is taking me. It seems to peak when the dose is increased, then goes flat after a month. I think I've given it a good chance, twice now, and the results just aren't showing long term promise.
Should I ask my doc about switching to something like a Vyvanse or adderall? I think I need something that is a stimulant of sort, but with the Klonopin to keep anxiety in check. I don't feel depressed exactly, but more of just a blah. Neither happy or sad. More emotionless than anything. If someone engages me, like at work or out shopping, the Klonopin still lets me feel engaged and present, and depending on the situation I can laugh and feel pretty good. But, if I have no reason to leave the house, or I'm not working, I feel blah.
I really don't think that I want to keep increasing the dose, over and over. WB already seems to have this predictable track that never seems to last. Has anyone else gone this route, trying WB for a good shot first, then finding that they really needed a traditional stimulant med to really start solving their issues?

11-02-16, 03:46 PM
Keep a record of what happens. Report it to your doctor. If you find that the doctor is forever sticking with something that doesn't work, consider finding a better doctor if you can.

Do these doctors have some reason in their minds why they might want to avoid prescribing stimulants? For example being close to a school where students are selling their medication, or a history of addiction?

11-03-16, 02:28 PM
No, this area has more of a illegal drug epidemic than kids selling their stuff.
I know that the WB can still go up in dose quite a bit, but it seems like the track record its had with me can predict the end result. I really hate the idea of upping the dose, waiting 2 months, upping it again, waiting 2 months, etc.
When I was on it last year, it was originally prescribed by my primary doc for depression.
This year, it was written by my pdoc, after the ADHD, even though I explained to her the past history I had with it before.
I think shes under the impression that I need a depression med, and an ADHD med, and the WB is supposed to "take out two birds with one stone" so to speak. But, it doesn't seem to be helping either one. I agree to some point, that less is better sometimes when taking meds, but if they don't work, and you need 2 meds to do 2 different things, and a combo type med isn't working for either, then its better to take more. (If that made any sense...?)

As far as changing docs, in this area, its tough enough to get in to see anyone, let alone pick and choose who you want. If you need to see someone, you have to wait. When I was originally looking around last October, they put me on a waiting list and told me to check back in the spring of this year. My pdoc appointments are 2 months apart or more, depending on availability. I do work FT, but I get to any appointment they can squeeze me into.

Mental health in upstate NY (especially in these counties) is severely underfunded, understaffed, and a disorganized mess. And the county can barely handle their case load. So, if you even look into a private counselor around here, they charge through the roof, simply because of the demand. And their rates are something I just can't afford right now, especially after my separation and trying to line up some divorce lawyer, and all the mess that goes with it.

Sorry for the long rant. I just get really frustrated when it comes to how little thought is given to mental health, especially up here.