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11-03-16, 07:10 AM
So I'm a junior in high school. When I was a freshman I was diagnosed with oppositional deffiant disorder, anxiety (which I've been dx with since I was 5), dysthymia depression, auditory processing disorder, and the psychologist said I had "aspergery traits."

The only ODD traits I really show is getting mouthy at home (but what teenager doesn't?). At school I get pretty smart with my administration, usually I get the whole "[my name] dont get Smart with me." But likely my admin loves me despite my behavior so usually they think it's funny. I also do this thing where I bait authority figures into yelling at me or whatever, but it's only at school. I'm not really sure why I do this, but I kind of enjoy the feeling of getting in trouble.

The problem is, is that in some situations I completely freak out, and I feel like it's more of a sensory overload thing. Here's some examples:

- I got searched by 3 cops at a high school football game. (I did not bait this search in any way shape or form) they had their flashlights strobing (as a way to 'pull us over') so I already had anxiety. Then when they stopped us, one of the cops tones was very cocky, and he immediately started asking questions before I even had time to evaluate my situation. While he was asking questions he put his bright police grade flashlight in my eyes. At that point I blacked out and started cussing them out. They then escalated the situation by surrounding me where one cop was behind me, which I didn't like not being able to see him. And just for the record I left a free woman about an hour later, and I did not have the drugs or weapons I was accused of having.

- over the summer I was visiting my grandma. My family has never seen me freak out because I am usually very miled mannered, and I usually go with the flow even if I feel a little uncomfortable. Anyways there was a slight little family disagreement about something, and basically my grandma was salty with me for the rest of the time because I was the only one who stuck up for the other family member, and my opinion went against what she wanted. But she never acruelly directly said anything to me about it, she was just super passive aggressive and it got to be really annoying. Then we went camping at this hill billy camp ground. It was the hottest weekend of the summer ,which I hate heat. The water smelt really bad, and every time turned on the water it would stink up the whole cabin. Then the electric sockets were on the ground next to the carpet, and the beds were upstairs. Well I was freaking out because I thought the cabin was going to catch on fire, so I slept in a chair downstairs. Then the next day she made us go on a 5 mile canoeing thing. Which is a lot for someone who doesn't know how to canoe, and is admittedly out of shape. Not to mention I was paired with my aunt who is very loud, which gets on my nerves. When we finally got back I felt like I wanted to explode, but I was doing a good job at holding it back. Later that day we were sitting around a fire, and I was playing with fire, and my sister started screaming at me. Then my grandma got this crappy to be with me and told me to move. I blacked out again and I started cussing her out and screaming. It was so loud that the people who ran the campground heard us and came over to see if everything was okay. I was so mad I was crying, which I never cry unless I'm mad. Then my uncle (my grandmas son) came out of the cabin and started yelling at me, so then I had to cuss him out toof.

Basically, I just don't understand why I can't control myself in certain situations. I don't want to cuss people and I'm scared it's going to get me in serious trouble especially with cops and stuff. The only thing i could think of in that relates in these situations, is a sensory overload that causes me to shut down (hence the blacking out) and then go into a flight or fight response.

Any ideas? Any one else have these issues? If so how do you control it?

Thank you.

11-03-16, 11:53 AM

Well, "Asperger-y traits" may end up meaning you're autistic. Autistic people often tend to get sensory overload, and may end up in a meltdown if that overload is excessive or extended.

I'm not personally familiar with where the enjoying the feeling of getting into trouble thing might fit in. However, feeling a need to correct what you perceive as wrong, regardless of authority structures, can also be an autism thing. Is it ODD instead? I can't tell.

It's worth it for you to do some further reading about autism. Autism UK: What is Asperger's (
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (

If you find that the whole thing makes no sense, then you can just ignore it and go learn about something else after that.

If you are on the autism spectrum, then preventing meltdowns or blackouts is done by knowing what's probably going to affect you, and following a plan that will hopefully prevent those things from happening. (In other words, prevention is highly imperfect.)

11-03-16, 01:44 PM
What about something as simple as anger management skills?

11-03-16, 01:50 PM
What about something as simple as anger management skills?
Ordinary anger doesn't make you black out.

11-03-16, 03:00 PM
It sounds like a sensory overload thing
what you're describing sounds awful
Then when you are truly upset it shocks people
Can you maybe try expressing yourself before you become really upset, and black out?
Like if you had said, "look im not sure about this canoe trip, its hot and im out of shape"

I hope you can find some answers