View Full Version : Have you had neuropsychological Evaluation?

11-03-16, 10:13 PM
Was it helpful?
thanks :-)

11-10-16, 06:18 PM
Mine will hopefully be in a month or two. Will update in case anyone's interested.

11-20-16, 11:09 PM
I feel like this is like the "F" word or something:lol:
"No comment." :confused:

11-20-16, 11:28 PM
Sorry -- I thought you'd already asked this in another thread and I'd replied, but that was someone else.

Yes, I've had neuropsychological testing a couple of times.

I had already been diagnosed with ADHD prior to the testing.

Was it useful? Yes and no.

No, in that it didn't reveal much that I didn't already know or suspect.

Yes, in that it satisfied some offices that wanted documentation.
Yes, in that it assured an incompetent psychiatrist that I had strong abilities in certain areas she doubted, but had weaknesses in other areas.
Yes, in that the second round of testing confirmed that this pattern was not all due to medications/conditions affecting my first set of test results (15 years earlier).

Why are you seeking neuropsychological evaluation (or why was it recommended)? For general information, or is there an unanswered question about specific processing abilities or skills?

02-03-17, 05:26 PM
Thanks for responding.

Wasn't sure if there was "more" going on. VocRehab agreed it would be beneficial. Basically it confirmed much of what I already knew but added that I get overwhelmed when too much is thrown my way at once (too much to process) and distractability was indeed a factor.

02-23-17, 08:38 PM
Worse people gonna go to MHMR next since age did not rule of I could be in autism spectrum which is common with epilepsy

You aware u can have schools pay even if it's your own choice of Drs
Must ask at Ard meetings just so you know