View Full Version : Anxiety w/ medication. Something wrong with me?

11-06-16, 07:59 PM
Hi, this my first time posting on this forum. I went into the psych's office and was diagnosed with AADD roughly a year ago and was prescribed an Adderall generic that basically turned my life around for the better: no more falling asleep in school, I could finally read, I could get out of the house and actually do things, I could think clearly and socialize eloquently, and even though I was prescribed Klonopin PRN, I almost never had to even take it because the Adderall alone obliterated my anxiety and social anxiety AND some lingering depression all in one blow.

My problem now is, ever since the secretary accidentally sent my prescription to the wrong pharmacy and I got an Aurobindo label Amphetamine Salts as opposed to the Teva I've always taken and that as always worked, the different label drug wreaked havoc on my psyche..

It would give me headaches, stomach aches, nausea, palpitations, and on top of that, the drug would peak heavily for less than an hour, almost to what felt like mania as opposed to the calm piercing focus and serenity the drug normally gives me, and then crash with an onslaught of anxiety. I look up this generic label and apparently a lot of people have had issues with it.

Tried it for a week and literally drove back to my doctor, talked to the secretary and said that this new generic was crap and requested kindly if I could get a new prescription written for me with my former label.

Apparently something gets lost in translation, and I end up getting a new drug, namely Evekeo, prescribed to me instead, and at a lower dosage. This new non-generic drug has been "okay" when it actually works and certainly better than the last mess up that I was trying (no headaches or nausea), but the level of inexplicable anxiety it's evoked has at sometimes become unbearable. Half the time I want to say it does the whole "30min - 1 hour of unfocused mania where I'm going 100 miles an hour but still not focused, proceeded by a crash of anxiety" thing that the Aurobindo Amphetamine Salts did.

Is there potentially something wrong with my brain chemistry or something, or is it more likely just that these two drugs I got are JUST not working for me? Before the whole mix up, I never ever went through my full Klonopin prescriptions, let alone had anxiety attacks, but lately I have and fast too.

I've done some research on the amphetamine ratio of Evekeo and found that it's 50/50 dextro and levo, and have read in multiple places that levoamphetamine is more anxiogenic. Could this increase in the Levo be responsible for the finicky anxiety I'm experiencing? If so, and with my doctor knowing I have a history of anxiety, why would she prescribe this? I've just been a whole month now without my old Teva Amphetamine Salts, and I'm scared that if I go back they're not going to work either, and I'm at my wits end. What do I do?

11-07-16, 03:00 AM
Consult your doctor and let him know what is going on. Do you have the ability to e-mail him rather than having to go in in person and talk with the secretary? That might eliminate some of the chaotic mix up. Be very clear. "Med #1 was awesome and these are the benefits. Med #2 wasn't awesome and this is what happened. Med #3 is better than med #2 but I still have these side effects. Can I please have Med #1 again?"