View Full Version : Help..Smoking and Ritalin clashing.

11-07-16, 12:16 AM
I'm feeling really desperate. I started ritalin last spring and it changed my life. I'm not going to go on about all the things that changed, as many of you know, meds can do amazing things and they have for me. Downside is, I'm smoking like a chimney. I've never had a "serious" addiction to smoking, would start for a couple months then go years without, easily quitting when ever I wanted. But the ritalin has made that impossible. My cravings for cigs are insatiable when I take it. I promised myself, that no matter how effective the ritalin is, if I couldn't quit then I'd stop taking the ritalin. Cancer is way too rampant in my family. It's been 8 months and I still can't kick it. I've decided I have to come off. I'm going to start Welbutrin tomorrow to help, it helps but It makes me too anxious and shaky when I take it with the ritalin. Chest pains and shaking hands.
I'm pretty upset about having to stop. Has anyone found a med that didn't increase their desire for smoking? I don't know where to go from here...

11-07-16, 06:04 AM
I smoke and I dont know why stimulants seem to make people smoke more. I can say though that I am also an alcoholic so addiction seems more of an issue for me.

11-07-16, 06:58 AM
Maybe the nicotine cravings are due to a little too high dosage. I dont know.
I did not smoke as bad with ritalin than with vyvanse. I watched myself craving
most when the med made me a little overstimulated. Especially while driving my
car I had a human exaust-pipe inside.

But I passed by an e-cigarrette store and bought liquid-vaporizer by affect.
This way I could drecrease my cigarrettes consumption from 30 to zero cigarrettes
on most days since 2 months now. Sometimes is smoke one to socialize but feel
like an ash-tray after.

e-cigarrettes are not healthy but better than smoking.

There is also a medical solution. Wellbutrin is also prescribed to get you off cigarrettes.
It works. It reduces the need for cigarrettes and smoke tastes really ugly.

But having the option I still would prefer an e-cigarrette, a nicotine spray or whatever
to a taking another med.