View Full Version : Unsure about dexedrine, is it still good for me?

11-08-16, 07:06 PM
i'm on dexedrine for a while now, but am not sure about if its still right for me.

When i had mostly lectures, i find that dexedrine helped me pretty good. I could pay attention for longer and don't zone out as much. Also it motivated me to get up and go to school.

now at this time i'm writing a thesis and i find i'm not sure anymore if it is still helping me or making things worse. Often in the first hour or so i feel good, but then i find myself focussing on small unimportant things like working on the layout, or finetuning things in excel for hours.

especially when i don't really know what i should do next in my thesis i'm behaving this way. I also get very a-social. I was already a bit avoiding like this without my meds, but with them i have the feeling i will lock completely into this unproductive perfectionism and find it very difficult to stop and switch tasks.

i have tried working without the meds but then i have trouble concentrating and am unmotivated. also i find myself continuously thinking if i should take the med or not. Its really in my head all the time.

Maybe it could also be a dosage issue? i am on 5mg IR 3x a day, but now i find that it lasts 2,5 hours at maximum and i have to take extra. But i don't know if i should take it more often or a higher dose because i feel it would make the overfocussing and the crash worse.

Does anybody have similar experiences and/or some advice? (btw i have add-pi)

11-13-16, 01:16 AM
How long have you been taking dexedrine?
From what I've been able to gather, this is inevitable. Homeostasis (whereby the body attempts to maintain an equilibrium) results in receptor down-regulation, which results in your standard dose being less effective.

I've read a lot about people who have their attention issues exacerbated (focusing on trivial details, like you say) when they're on too low of a dose. Generally, said issues abate once they're placed on the proper (higher) dose.

I'd guess that you're now tolerant to the effects, and your dose needs to be bumped up. 5mg is a very small dose. It's also worth considering elimination variability factors like urine pH level. If you (for 2 or so hours following your dose) drink something containing citric acid, or eat highly acidic food, you can expect to shave an hour or two off of the meds uptime.

My knowledge of pharmacology is incomplete. The above was written with zero confidence. Take that how you will.