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11-10-16, 02:16 PM
"Camera, I am ignoring you." (

"I'm bigger than the Camera Monster" (

"Can't trick me into going on the scales today" (

"If I stare at the food long enough it will come across the scales so's I can eat it" (

"Behave yourself Tigger, I don't want to play That Game" (

"Go play That Game with some of our toys" (

"Dinner tastes good, nomnomnom" (

11-11-16, 05:32 PM
"I wants someone to come share kisses with me tonight" (

"Can I plays with it?" (

"Come here now so's I can plays with you" (

"Staaaaaar the toy's being meeeeean and not coming over here, make it come to Tigger" (

"What's Ebony doing?" (

"You gots a nomnom there and I wants it" (

"Why are you lying down there, Tigger?" (

"Uh oh there's a scaries that way, move yourself Tigger so's it don't get you" (

"Star please save us both from the scaries" (

"I'm having a little wash" (

"If I'm over here, outside scaries can't get me" (

"Bath time for me as well, Ebony" (

"Lick lick I got to be clean girl for in case anyone wants to come cuddle with me" (

"What shall I do now" (

"Do what you want, Tigger. I'm finding snuggly place for a snooze" (

"If I don't look at the camera, it can't get a picture of me" (

"I'll stare at the chair so's the camera don't get a picture of me" (

11-14-16, 06:20 PM
"I'm just being nosey, I want to see what's on the box" (

"I got my dinner in bed" (

"I dare you to take it off me" (

"I seen a toy" (

"I'm going to sneakily make it dead" (

*sneakily pushes it pretending she's only rubbing round it and not playing* (

"I can see you, toy" (

"You are going DOWN" (

"Come to Ebony" (

"You can run but you can't hide" (

"I can see you, other toy" (

"I'm coming for you" (

"I'm going to hide here and watch you" (

11-28-16, 04:49 PM
"I gots my new toy" (

"This toy is going DOWN" (

"Come here toy" (

"Mine" (

"You can't have the toy it's mine" (

"I'm not playing with it, I'm watching it" (

"I'm beating it up sneakily" (

"Come back here" (

"You can't get away" (

"You are mine" (

"I'm snuggled up on my box everyone" (

"Round two" (

"Toy and the Paper Bag Monster are going down" (

"I wants a go now Ebony" (

"I'm bored now. You can have the toy for now Tigger." (

12-12-16, 04:22 PM
"Hello I wants cuddles from everyone" (

"Play time" (

"I'm not playing, I'm doing an Ebony and pretending to be doing something else" (

"You can't escape the Tigger, toy" (

"Mine mine mine and mine" (

"New toys are BoooooooooooooooRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, Star" (

"I'm going to watch the world go by on the windowsill" (

"Oh no you got the camera there" (

"All catnip toys must be all dead by Christmas" (

"If I turn my back on the camera and look outside it will go away" (

12-26-16, 04:17 PM
Tigger loves one of her new toys (laser toy)

Don't have the brainpower tonight to add captions so if anyone wants to give them captions feel free :) g?oh=9c8f32594bcd1d72b59ec18aca7af035&oe=58E2682B g?oh=b2f2348e1ece2fcdcbbd8435dddd0cb6&oe=58DF42A3 g?oh=9b04d675715bb1d6f2e16470e44f0559&oe=58E052EE ?oh=a10252193017736c5e629e71e9f434ec&oe=58DFBE57 ?oh=09a6365aee179fb6a29f15503b5cf286&oe=58DCF3F2 g?oh=eb2d712e1364af4ab123457fa68f60cf&oe=58FA3E1E