View Full Version : Currently mixing two anti-depressants for ADD-PI/SCT

Railroad Johnny
11-11-16, 01:26 PM
Having had my Strattera give out on me a few months ago, I searched for the most chemically identical medication I could find to that. I was able to get a hold on some reboxetine (NRI). I tried it for a few weeks without much of any decrease in my ADD-PI/SCT symptoms. I later combined it with some Wellbutrin and the results were a severe decrease in symptoms. I'm guessing I'm lacking in both norepinephrine AND dopamine regulation. It's also a guess that the Edronax didn't work properly by itself because I wasn't able to focus enough in my prefrontal cortex in order for the norepinephrine to build up, and that's where the dopamine blockage of the Wellbutrin came in. It's still very early (a few weeks), but so far I'm liking this combination more than Strattera in both symptom control and lack of side-effects. The only side-effect I'm having is insomnia.

Now my only problems in this area are insomnia, potential tolerance, and that I still have a terribly poor working memory.