View Full Version : How to get a good psychiatrist?

11-11-16, 02:40 PM
I am 24, I had a good once once, for 2 visits, and my insurance drop.

Thankfully they were so good, they made a road map the 2nd visit, and I followed that road map till the end of it with the help of doctors and the diagnosis papers they gave me.

that was 3 years ago, and no I go to doctors and they look at me like I am a stimulent junkie ask me 100s of questions about finciances and ask me about about drug test and what not.

It is super unnerving, and I cant deal with it, it honestly makes me suicidal.

That being said, I need to find a good psychiatrist again, and I got lucky the time before, because it was my 3-4rth psychiatrist, in a year cause no one would see a 20 year old white male trying to get adderal.

But it has been clear that adderal isn't enough, and I was going to struggle through life until I was able to get better help, but now I moved to a new location no doctor accepts my old diagnosis, and no psychiatrist around the area spite saying the treat adults online, actually prescribe medicine to adults.

I live in fayetteville arkansas, 72703, if you know anyone within 100 miles of the area that you recommend please send me an email, I need help and cant seem to find it anywhere, and with adhd my searching habits are pitiful.

What tips and tricks do i need to use to get inside a good clinic, I mean I need real help, I am talking about 60xr daily with 30 ir at night wasn't enough, I mean I felt like I could focus better with it, but it wasnt enough.

I have never got to feel high in my life on adderal, or the speed effect, so I know I haven't reached the right dosage yet, but I need somone who is skilled in action, and doesn't just throw adderal at stuff.

I seen testimonals from people like me in newyork and californa getting low dosage adderal low dossage concerta and it fixing their life, but no doctor will even listen to me on that.

Litterally 36mg concerta with 20xr is 100X better then taking 90MG of adderal a day, but I don't know if thats right for me, I really dont, but I cant find a doctor or a physchiatrist willing to help me find out.

I have stupid low testosterone, and anytime I mention it my chances are flunked out the window because doctors just assume im a stimulent junkie from that moment forward,

The last time I had sex and wanted to have sex, like really wanted to was when my doctor gave me a testostorone shot that was like 20-30mg and was to last 2 months, and then i got fired for that doctor cause the office laddies couldnt call in and PA my adderal... anyways, that being said I have not since that week ever wanted sex like I did then, it wasnt like 24/7 wanting it, but like what i felt like was normal, it remdined me of getting erections in class when i was 13.. something I dont get to experince anymore..

anways doctors dont care about that, they just dont. So I cant bring it up, I dont get to have sex, I dont get to have a life,

and honestly if I cant find a physchiatist soon willing to help, and with the know how to help I dont know if I will have a life.

#just a stimulent junkie.