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11-12-16, 05:14 AM
I just want to start off by saying I'm new to this site and this is my first post (moderator please move thread if it's in the wrong section).
I'm a 23 year old male who's been prescribed ritalin for around 12 years now. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2004 and was prescribed Ritalin LA 40mg extended release tablets. I was then also prescribed Ritalin 10mg IR tablets in 2014. This year I went back to University after completing my 4 year apprenticeship as an Electrician. When I was working it was very obvious when I needed to take a Ritalin (NOVARITIS BRAND) 10mg IR tablet as my concentration would either be diminished or non-existant. But the problem I'm having now is the switch from physical work as an Electrician to mental work as a student. When i was working I was easily using more energy than sitting down at a desk studying so the side effect of loss of appetite didn't really apply. But now that I'm studying I'm experiencing the loss of appetite side effect signicantly more. I will now explain the problem in explicit detail;
I wake up around 8am and have a big breakfast and then begin studying at 9am. I consume my first 10mg ritalin at 9am and a second at 11am and I have very efficient study to around 1 o clock. But the problem is I'm not hungry at all, but my concentration has started to decrease. I really struggle to eat meals so i try my best to eat as much as I can. I eat: muesli bars, bananas, blueberries as these items are the only things i can actually eat due to the side effect of loss of appetite. Then i continue to have ritalin yo try and increase my concentration but in the end I'm left with a fast-beating heart and my motvation and concentration is completely at zero. Can anyone offer me any advice/recommendations?


11-12-16, 05:33 AM
Im an embedded systems engineering student and i completely relate to this.. i have a terrible time with the nutritian element, and depreciated concentration.. and that sure doesnt help when first learning about RMS calculations for waveforms and how to use analogue oscilloscopes, power supplies and function generators, while having no prior background in electrical engineering or experience with Ohms law.

I have a locker at my school that i keep stocked with crackers/cheese snacks that you get when dontating plasma or blood.. and (sinfully) a 12 pack of soda for that quick boost.. but i also have handy some breakfast shakes and other more quickly "downable" shakes/juices to take care of the "function" of eating and keeping hydrated.. with as little effort on my part as possible.

other than that.. id keep some multivitamins on hand, some potassium sups, b-complex, omega, and vitamin d.. and i dont know how you are about hydration.. but im terrible at it, so implementing a system to keep my water intake on the up is important too.

and sleep of course. but that also is a weakspot of mine. along with exercise.

oh.. and i heard from a Christian Scientologist that pretending ADHD is a lie works wonders.. . but i dont think that applies to people who have ADHD.


11-12-16, 06:06 AM
Thanks for the reply Impromptu_DTour.

An edit to this post would be:

I drink lots of water (around 4 litres a day). I also take clonidine twice a day (5 micro grams in the morning and 5 micro grams in the nighttime) to reduce my blood pressure and I also take 10mg of Lexapro in the morning to reduce my anxiety.

I always get 8 hours of sleep a night as I know the quality of the sleep can play a major role in everything the next day.

In the morning my concentration is great but as it hits around 2/3pm I wouldn't say my study is that efficient and I can't reach that level of focus i had in the morning. I start to REALLY crash and end up laying on my bed as my mind is tired but my heart is pounding so fast, so it's a bit of a predicament. After this crash, I can no longer do any study, which is kind of annoying as there is still around 6 hours left in the day. After around 2 hours I feel a bit better and the hunger kicks in and I definitely over-consume to compensate for the food I didn't eat in the daytime.
I am prescribed 8 x 10mg IR a day but after 5 of them in 6 hours I am completely tired, lethargic and unmotivated which is like the opposite to what ritalin is meant to do? Am I taking too many in the time period?

I looked up the plasma concentration vs time graphs for Ritalin 10mg IR tablets and the peak seems to be around 2 hours after consumption. But by this stage I do not feel at 'peak focus', could this be a tolerance ?