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11-12-16, 05:06 PM
Hi, I think I have only a slight ADHD. I struggle to work more than about 1 hour (when writing assignments).

I have been thinking of taking the brain tablets from the health shop. These apparently do help (possibly as a mild drug)?

Does anyone have experience in these?

11-12-16, 07:34 PM
There are many supplements on the market -- what, specifically, are you considering taking?

There is some scientific evidence that a few supplements/over-the-counter drugs -- for example, caffeine and nicotine, which are stimulants, and omega-3 fatty acids (including fish oil) -- may have some beneficial effects for symptoms of ADHD. These may also have side some side effects.

Some other vitamins may help with cognition or mood in people who have vitamin deficiencies, but there's limited evidence that they generally help with ADHD.

A couple other possibilities to consider, if you're looking for approaches that don't involve evaluation and treatment by a medical professional, are sleep, diet, and exercise improvements. For some people, eating a healthy diet (and eliminating any foods that seem to cause increased problems) and getting adequate and appropriately-timed sleep may make a big difference. Exercise can help relieve stress, improve circulation (including blood flow to the brain!), and affect some of the same neurotransmitter pathways as medications. For many people with clinically-diagnosable ADHD, these lifestyle factors are of limited help with symptoms, but most people (with and without ADHD) function better when their bodies are getting what they need.

Finally, if the problem is mostly limited to writing assignments, it might be worthwhile to see if there is a writing centre or learning/study skills centre at your school where you could get personal advice on strategies for wriitng. Even people without ADHD need breaks, get bored, etc. For some people, their writing process is such that they work best in long, uninterrupted stretches. For others, taking a break every hour (or more frequently) works better. There are also many websites that can provide study skills and writing advice.

If you're still struggling, consider seeking help from a medical doctor or a psychotherapist.

Good luck!