View Full Version : Already suffering low weight, is there still an option for ADHD meds?

11-13-16, 04:25 PM
i've lost a lot of weight in the past year and the Wellbutrin XL that I started taking hasn't helped a whole lot (but it hasn't made it worse)

the wellbutrin helps with some stuff, especially the depression and motivation, but i still struggle with focusing on what i need to focus on! SSRIs didnt do anything for me ):

i'm going to meet with a psychiatrist over winter break (god willing) and talk to them about it as well, but do you know of any meds that help with focus that dont suppress appetite, or don't suppress it as badly? i'm really close to being underweight and i'm unhappy with how thin i've gotten and i don't want it to get worse. i also dont want to quit the wellbutrin!

11-13-16, 05:02 PM
I think all the stimulants plus Strattera potentially reduce appetite, but you aren't guaranteed to get all the effects. For example, only 16% of people on Strattera have appetite loss. (I couldn't find a percentage for the others.)

In my case, Adderall reduces my appetite while it's in effect, but then I get a sort of backlash at the end of the day when it's wearing off and I wanna stuff myself. So I haven't lost weight on Adderall. (Which is a bummer in my case, because I could stand to lose quite a bit of weight.)