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11-14-16, 03:54 PM
I'm a quite direct, emotional person, which is typical of ADD people I would think. That's why I'm asking myself whether mentioning that I'm looking for "new challenges" is a good thing or something definitely not to do. What are your experiences?

I've learnt today I haven't been promoted this year. I'm totally disappointed. This promotion has almost been promised to me and I haven't done anything in order not to deserve it (I was told directly, I deserved it but well, some people have been working longer here so they deserve it more) and have done plenty to receive it. Anyways, I don't want bore you writing about that.

I'm just trying to figure out what I should do now apart from sending CVs to new companies. You have to know that in my current role, I'm bored and overqualified. Staying in it for another year is not an option. I simply feel I'm dying slowly.

1) Can I write openly on my LinkedIn that "I'm looking for new challenges" or something similar?

2) In my current position the decision not to promote me was taken by my boss, who however has never worked with me. I'm working exclusively on projects and my "real" boss is always my project manager. My current project manager, from another company office, praised me a lot and recommended me for promotion. Should I talk to him about not being promoted, mention I'm looking for a new position and ask for advice? Before you ask, I'm not really sure what I expect from that, I'm just angry I guess and would like to share this info. He just offered to work with me on a new project after finishing the current one.

11-14-16, 04:00 PM
Look at it this way: What benefit would you get from mentioning it? What bad things could happen if you mentioned it?

11-14-16, 04:10 PM
Look at it this way: What benefit would you get from mentioning it? What bad things could happen if you mentioned it?

I can't tell precisely. Maybe I would get more recruiters to contact me on linkedin? Maybe the project manager would offer me something in his office? I understand of course the probability is low.

On the other hand, if I accept the new role offered me by the project manager it will be advantageous to my current office and boss, it will improve his results. And I cringe at that. Because looking for new roles is not even my obligation, it's his. So why should I do anything more than what I'm paid for if I don't get the slightest incentive to do so - I was naive long enough doing much more that I had to.