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11-18-16, 08:50 AM
I have a colonoscopy next week and reading about the anesthesic calle propofol makes me anxious a lot.

Propofol ( was part of the medication that killed Michael Jackson and is also used to execute prisoners condemned to death.

Is there any known risk in combination using amphetamines the day before mentioning amphetamines stay in blood for 4 days?

Any experiences?

DJ Bill
11-18-16, 08:31 PM
The day before you should be doing colon prep and should not have any need for any ADD meds, as your attention will naturally be drawn to the results of drinking the magic Gatorade...

Your doc or nurse should have already gotten a list of your meds to check and see if there are any interaction problems. I think it was a few days before I knew what time the procedure was when I got a phone call and the nurse asked me all sorts of questions including what prescription and over the counter meds I was taking. Then when I was on the gurney just minutes before the operation all the same questions were asked a second time, just to make sure.

I just looked at my paperwork and they gave me Midazolam HCL and Fentanyl Citrate. No mention of Propofol. I don't remember anything until the ride home. All I wanted to do when I got home was sleeeeeep . I don't think the full effects of the meds wore off for a day or two.

Seriously, it's the prep that's the worst part. Best of luck with it..I hope you come through with a clean bill of colon health. I've got a bud my age who never got checked and he has stage 4 colon cancer now.

I'm on Methylphenidate and did not take any until a day after the operation or so.

11-18-16, 10:17 PM
Yeah the magic Gutorade.

They gave you a Benzo and an Opiod so you slept and had no pain.
I get a horror execution substance to switch me off in 2-5 seconds
affecting GABA and nicotine-receptors and they have no anesthesist
to choose some sweeter narcos to prevent me from coma.

11-18-16, 10:25 PM
I've had a couple colonoscopies.

Glad you're getting your intestine issues checked out.

I think it's fine to take ADHD medication the day before. Probably even the day of. Ask your doctor if they have any preference.

But yeah, for the prep you will be on the toilet allll day and night. So I don't know if that makes you feel any different about taking stimulant medication.

When you "go under" it isn't scary. I remember them putting a mask on me or something, for one of them I was awake when they put a tube down my throat but I was so loopy that it didn't even bother me. I remember them moving me onto the table.
Then, next thing I knew I woke up and was very confused and repeating questions over and over. (I tend to do that when I wake up from anesthesia) I remember my GI doc coming in and mentioning something about early stages of Crohn's.

I felt very weird and high or something cuz I guess they had me on painkillers too, took a while to wear off. When the meds and everything were wearing off I had a mood swing for some reason.

I hope your colonoscopy goes well. Please don't be too scared. The doctors know what they're doing.

11-19-16, 04:26 AM
I am only scared about the execution substance. :faint:

11-19-16, 06:15 AM
When I had surgery, they put me under with a fentanyl propofol mix. I went under really fast, and I seem to recall waking up pretty quickly also. I had no nausea either, so if I were ever to have to go under again, I wouldn't mind that combo.

Propofol is very quick-acting, but it's also quickly cleared by the body, so it needs to be continuously administered throughout the procedure.

I hope things go smoothly for you.

11-19-16, 11:35 AM
Using a susbtance for executions is definitely no good marketing, so no wonder You dont feel to happy with that,but obviously it is also used in more benevolent ways.

We have a saying here: "the dosage makes the poison" (doesnt sound so good in English,by the way).....
Basically people could also be executed with salt or water...

Having yourself checked is definitely a good thing to do, and being frightend about it is normal. It might help, if You prepare a list of the things You want to ask/tell your doc and get in contact with him in time. May be your a more relaxed then....

Wish You all the best!!

11-19-16, 05:43 PM
I dont like there is a stigma on substances that help people

but there are substances to kill people without a stigma.

There is something badly wrong in drug-politics.

I will survive but hate the knock-out.

11-19-16, 05:55 PM
Propofol was involved in Michael Jackson's death because he became dangerously dependent on it. Jackson may or may not deserve blame. His doctor may or may not deserve blame. The truth is probably very complicated.

What does not deserve blame is the existence of a powerful and truly useful drug. It is difficult to keep powerful useful things out of the hands of the people who will misuse them.

11-19-16, 07:59 PM
I think people misuse substances because there is a lack of informations
about how to use a substance and how to find out if it works or if an effect
is needed or not useful.

11-19-16, 08:12 PM
I think people misuse substances because there is a lack of informations
about how to use a substance and how to find out if it works or if an effect
is needed or not useful.
Partly, sure. Also partly because they heard from someone else that it has a good effect.

11-20-16, 07:01 AM
Michael Jackson was having his insomnia treated with this drug at doses that you wouldnt get for a procedure.

11-21-16, 07:27 PM
I loved Michael a lot and have greatest respect of his life's work. I did not want to blame him or start a Michael Jackson discussion.
Asking the doc for the anesthetics MJ was mentioned and my brain rendered ALERT to my view.

I have made a very bad and dangerous experience with 150mg Wellbutrin (that made me darn sleepy) adding only 1/8 of 100mg Modafinil
after researching possible interactions for 10 hours online because pharmacies had no idea. I got an extreme heavy kick in like 1000xAMP
for 5 minutes and fall to my bed for sleeping 18 hours.

Both meds are each safe. Combining both is not very common but I found one narcoleptic using 300mg Wellbutrin and 400mg Modafinil every day.

I am grateful to be still alife.

11-22-16, 02:10 AM
Don't stress about it.

For a colonoscopy, they are not even going to probably put you all the way under.

You won't be conscious, but you will not be put all the way under, like what you would for a major surgery. Where you have to be intubated and on a ventilator. You will be given enough drugs that you will have no memory of what occurs, and no pain. But you will still be awake enough to breathe on your own. This is common on procedures such as this, cataract surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, setting broken bones that are displaced, etc.

Michael Jackson, RIP, was probably taking very large amounts, and that is a crazy drug to be taking for insomnia, but when you are MJ, you get what you want, I suppose.

When this procedure happens, you will have at least the surgeon, an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, and an RN in the room. Possibly more than that. So if anything were to go awry, which it won't, it is going to get taken care of immediately.

You could call the surgeon's office, or the surgical department at the hospital, and find out more. Please don't over think it and stress out. It's a very safe, common procedure.

11-22-16, 02:24 AM
You know what, thinking back, I think I was conscious for the tube going down my throat because it was probably a part of the endoscopy. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time.

Even if you do, you'll probably be as lalala as I was, and not even care about the tube. I was asleep moments after I think.

Really, the worst part of the entire the prep.

I basically camped out in the bathroom, with my laptop on a chair in front of the toilet watching David Archuleta music videos for hours.

You will want to remain distracted during it, believe me.

11-22-16, 06:13 AM
I loved Michael a lot and have greatest respect of his life's work. I did not want to blame him or start a Michael Jackson discussion.
Asking the doc for the anesthetics MJ was mentioned and my brain rendered ALERT to my view.
Well you mentioned Michael Jackson and I only said what I said because you would likely not be getting the doses that he did because he was being treated with an unapproved medication for insomnia. I wasnt blaming him,

11-22-16, 10:49 AM
The nurse. It was the nurse mentioning him in sarcasm about my question for the narco
juice. I have no idea about any dosages. I just dont like the thought medicine is using a
substance that is used for executions to knock me out. It is more about the stigma than

11-22-16, 04:59 PM
a stigma is an idea attached to something by someones mind - usually more or less unconsciously. and sometimes that might be helpful under certain circumstances.

in this particular case, may be, you can try to consciously separate the idea from the substance and feel better that way?
like a little zen-homework?

11-22-16, 06:24 PM
I think you misunderstood me.
There is a stigma on stuff that can be abused.
There is no stigma on stuff that is used to kill life.
Of course we could debate if something is useful
or not but everything can be abused.

So the colonscopy is useful to prevent cancer but
no one would abuse it to get a substance injected.

Stigma is a result of scheduled status.

11-23-16, 05:23 AM
I just looked up drugs used in lethal injections and propofol isnt one of them. The brand name of this drug is diprivan (sp) which is one of the drugs they use to put you under for surgery.

11-23-16, 07:19 AM
From the manufacturers website:

Every life is precious.
Imagine dexedrine would be abused for executions.

Using a medical substance for execution is the perversion of abuse.

Sorry, I dont discuss this.

Little Missy
11-23-16, 08:28 AM
Ask them not to use it if it bothers you. There are plenty of alternatives.

11-23-16, 08:49 AM
Hey, I accepted it.

Better the GS and CS check is done than to think about it, build up fears and procastrinate it, right?

I hope everything will be fine.

11-23-16, 09:47 AM
From the manufacturers website:

Every life is precious.
Imagine dexedrine would be abused for executions.

I read the links and they all said it would have been the first execution using this drug but that they were halted.
You and I agree...All life is precious- I shared those exact words on 2 other threads!
Using a medical substance for execution is the perversion of abuse.

Sorry, I dont discuss this.
I dont understand. I thought you did want to discuss it and now you are saying you dont because why?
I am not trying to talk about MJ or those circumstances- I was actually trying to ease your mind by pointing out that this drug is used specifically for surgery and hadnt been used to kill anyone and you are jumping down my throat!
Im outta here............

11-24-16, 07:28 AM
Being off AMP made my mood obviously bit #@!$#.

I switched AMP on for better appetite control while using the laxatives.

24h left till knock out and rectal periscopy. I would like to place a GoPro
somewhere to see myself irritated waking up from anaestetics.

I am excited to see how the laxatives work.

11-24-16, 01:30 PM
30 minutes ago I drink the laxative but nothing happens? Do I need more water?

11-24-16, 08:05 PM
30 minutes ago I drink the laxative but nothing happens? Do I need more water?


Just you wait. :)

Ard you taking two different laxatives - like 4 pills and then something you drink?

30 minutes isn't enough time anyway, give it an hour or two, you will see. :)

(I suggest putting needed items in the bathroom like a laptop, water, other things you will need because you probably won't be able to leave the bathroom once it "hits")

EDIT* - Just realized that was posted much earlier, and no posts from him after. I think that means it probably is working. :)

Little Missy
11-24-16, 08:23 PM
David's smile makes it for this one! :giggle:

11-24-16, 08:26 PM
6 h :faint:

Little Missy
11-24-16, 08:29 PM
Feeling lighter?

Little Missy
11-24-16, 08:29 PM
Still waiting? :eek:

11-24-16, 08:33 PM
Is it working??

11-25-16, 03:06 AM
So dirty!
Want a report?

First round yesterday was PICOPREP.
Second round now 4h before huge P.I.T.A. with MANNITOL.
I hope it works quick as I have another appointment 2h before coloscopy.

Vyvanses effectiveness was modified and reduced by the first laxative.
I just had a triple mokka as coffee is allowed 4h before the treatment.

A hike could boost the laxative. :scratch:

11-25-16, 12:56 PM
JahJahJah, thats medicine.

The internist only wanted to prescribe colonscopy but I wanted also a gastroscopy
too when I get a narcose. So I also got a prescription for a gastroscopy.

Finally I had blood in the stool because of hemorrhoids but I have something
in my stomach that will be checked. Would I have made the initiative or better
try to control the docs the mighty worse problem would not have been found.

Still alive, and I went from the docs place straight to McDonalds to eat some
unhealthy but quick executing stuff.

11-25-16, 02:00 PM

Your pun was beautiful!

Execute = do some work

Execute = punish by killing

McDonald's - Eat our food - the execution will be quick! :D

11-25-16, 03:56 PM
Glad it's just hemorrhoids and not something worse - hope whatever your stomach is getting checked out for turns out okay.

Hey, one of my guesses (from other thread) was right. ;)

And hey, see you survived everything just fine. :)

11-25-16, 04:34 PM

Quick executing stuff.


Knock 'em out!

Happy Meal - Propofol Edition

Get free Apple* Slices!

* contain 95% potatoes

11-25-16, 04:59 PM
I survived but I got pinned in both arms by needles like jesus and hijacked by aliens.
They installed something in my ... when I ... I dont remember exactly.

Doc said stomach could be caused by meds. I accused former ritalin, haha.
Was it ADHD drug defence behaviour? LIS-a is protein soaked with amphetamin!

To be honest it could be both. I will ask a pharmacy for custom 37mg capsules.