View Full Version : Starting practicum this winter, student teaching next fall! with adhd!

11-19-16, 12:24 AM
I"m in my third year of college and I've finally reached the methods courses for my Secondary Education major (Social Studies 2nd major, goal is to teach middle school)

Even though i'm SUPER excited to finally be in a classroom again (I haven't had a class that required observation hours for a couple terms now), AND the class is going to be a 6th grade social studies class. I'll be working with the same teacher, and her multiple groups of students, for a total of 20 hours.

At some point during those 20 hours, hopefully toward the end, I'm required to TEACH one of the classes, and have it recorded. And then teach more classes, if the teacher feels comfortable with me doing that. Hopefully we'll take multiple recordings, lol.

I have to get 45 practicum hours done (I'm taking 2 Ed courses next term and both require time in the local schools) on TOP of those two ed courses, and a 20th century Europe history course. It's going to be a major change between this school term (I dropped Stats, and my Ed course finished in mid-October because it was a 0.5 credit course, and most courses are 1 credit). So, I've only been in one class that meets for 70 minutes 4 days a week. My time has been so free, which has been frustrating in its own way, but I'm also so intimidated, lol.

I guess I'm most nervous about trying to teach a course and just completely losing my train of thought, if I'm going to be imparting information to the kids. I would have made a lesson plan, but is it appropriate to hold onto your own notes while teaching? I'm sure it varies, especially based on the program

Information recall can be really difficult for me, especially when I'm the focus of most of the people in the room, which isn't very helpful when it comes to teaching, but I'm hoping I'll overcome it. I'm seeing a psychiatrist over winter break and hopefully they'll help diagnose me officially and provide some sort of treatment for some of the symptoms. I'll probably feel a lot more comfortable after working with the students a few times though. It's just the preliminary anxiety, before the jitters, before it starts to come naturally (with practice and experience).

Ugh, I dont know. It feels like a lot of the technical parts of teaching go completely aganist an ADHD brain and i dont want to fail utterly because its always been my dream to teach, and i'm really passionate about the social sciences, and i love kids and learning. i just dont know if that'll be enough :confused: