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11-20-16, 09:02 AM
this is my first post here. i would like to thank you all, cause its been such a great resource for me since today is my second day with concerta.

It has been officially 3 days that i've been diagnosed with adhd. I am 33 years old. I have degrees on political sciences, masters degree on communication studies and two years of sound engineering degree. Even though i have this series of educational background, it was really hard for me to continue and finish each degree.

My mom was a elementary school teacher. She was working at the same school as i was. My early school days was a struggle. First year of elementary school I was the last one who learned to read. I remember myself reading a word, and whole school celebrated. The rest of my education till end of high school was a mess, my grades were not good at all, hard time making new friends, feeling stupid all the time. I hated reading, i hated studying. At home i was unorganised, my room was always messy, used to loose stuff, daydreaming a lot, procrastinate all the time.

At high school i was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. After high school, i took a leap year with an exchange student program, that was the time i kinda tried to pull my self together. I accepted the fact that i was unorganised, procrastinator. I started living with it somehow.

But during university this time i was seeing a psychiatrist, diagnoses prone to depression, anxiety disorder and lability of mood. At one session she wanted me to ask my mom as a kid if i ever showed any signs of adhd. Well my mom said no. Then at that time i told my doctor, i wasn't able to use a dictionary, cause i couldn't keep in mind the order of alphabet. So she said with my learning disability it might be dyslexia. Of course as a teacher my mother never accepted that. but for me, it was great to learn that, so little details kinda made sense for me.

I was always on and off depression. But i accepted the fact that i wasn't that strong person, so everything was under control.

until this year... last 6 months everything was really difficult. I started my own company. It became impossible for me to hold on. Always late for work, can't finish a job on time, always rushing to finish. At home doing nothing, just sitting tv turned on but sound off. I stopped seeing my friends. Always have this things to do list in my mind,but i had to write it down in order so i could follow up.

Finally i agreed to see a doctor. For 2 months i was given depression medications that i used before, but each med made me worse.

I am sorry i wrote a lot, well ... diagnosed with adhd now.

On my first day with concerta, i had a headache, so i search the forum. drink water and eat voila, my headache was gone. Today i am felling good, no problem with concerta except my appetite is gone. I force myself to eat.

I am not used to feel this okay. Is it too soon to feel this way with medication?
I don't know this may sound really stupid but what should i expect from myself. I kinda feel lost.

Sorry for writing this much. thank you all...

11-22-16, 01:27 AM

I was also newly diagnosed as an adult earlier this month and started Concerta. I performed relatively well in school though, so I think this contributed to my late diagnosis. The coping skills that I developed when I was younger started to fail me as my responsibilities grew larger and more complex. In college, I stopped going to most classes because I could never manage to focus for the full 90 minutes so it felt like a waste of time. I told myself I would learn better from the textbook, but I couldn't manage to make myself actually read. A school counselor diagnosed me with an anxiety disorder and gave me Xanax, but it just made me lethargic so I stopped taking it. However, the diagnosis itself allowed me to have 150% time on exams, so I managed to compensate academically.

When I started working, things got even harder. My job required lots of repetition, careful attention to detail, and constant multitasking. I hated it, I was terrible at it, and knew that I wanted to be in a different field. So I decided to quit working and focus on studying for entrance exams into grad school.

Self study again proved to be a nightmare. My procrastination and lack of focus was highly detrimental. My home life was suffering. I felt so frustrated and hopeless that I decided to visit a mental health center where I was referred to a psychiatrist. After a long and thorough discussion, we decided to try Concerta.

I really did not know what to expect from the meds. I knew people who abused Adderall, and I did not want to feel jittery or hyper like they described. I started on a low 18 mg dose (now on 36 mg), but I noticed positive effects within an hour of taking it for the first time. I felt calm, balanced, and in control. I was able to read and absorb information better. I was able to listen better and interrupt less. I didn't feel more motivated per se, but I definitely felt less of a compulsion to check my phone or browse the internet when I was in the middle of working on my computer. My sleep also improved dramatically because my mind wasn't running 100 miles per hour while trying to fall asleep. The downside to this was feeling pretty drowsy for a few hours in the morning. But this has improved since upping my dosage!

I don't think it is unusual to notice some benefits soon after starting Concerta. The biggest, immediate improvement for me was feeling like I could handle difficult tasks more clearly and efficiently. You mentioned feeling okay, but are you experiencing other improvements? How is work going?

11-28-16, 10:03 AM
Hello and thank you for your reply :)
Also I am really sorry for my late reply.
Well today this is my 10th day on concerta. During this time, it has become really difficult for me to focus on my work.
Normally i have to take care of a lot of stuff: soldering, arranging equipments, dealing with taxes, dealing with equipment rentals, paperworks, accounting etc.. Before concerta, if i was doing a paperwork, i would stop and start watching series on netflix. And than do 20 min of work. If i was soldering i needed to have something to watch at the background to fill the gaps. Well, it was a mess. I wasn't able to finish any of the tasks on time and usually rush to finish.
Now i come to office and most of the time do nothing. I just sit at my desk, take care of some paperwork. ( and i have a lot of soldering to do) The weird thing is i am more focused at home. Yesterday i played guitar for 5 hours ( having breaks of course) but i was focused. Before this i could only play for 20 minutes than shift to other project and in an hour leave everything and just wander around.

I have difficulties with sleeping now. Before concerta i used to sleep 10 to 14 hours a day because of the anti-dep. pills. Now i stay awake till 5am or 6am and wake up around 10am, having a terrible night sleep and tired. ( i wake up once every one or two hours) Also, i can't eat. I lost 3 kg's during this time.
Beside all of this, i am neither depressed nor anxious. I am calm. My anger that comes from my impatience, is gone. I am more patient. I let people talk or finish their sentences. I haven't loose anything yet. I don't have any mood swings. My brain used to work non-stop and would lock on a very tiny detail which would bother me for days. Now, it is gone. On the 6th day of medication, i told my mom it has been such a long time ( 15 years maybe) that i haven't feel this happy. Happiness comes from restfulness/peace/calm.
Maybe it is because of the lack of sleep, i am not sure, my mind is kinda foggy. On friday i made another appointment with my doctor, i have a lot of questions for him.
I hope i will feel the same improvement that you had..