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11-20-16, 04:18 PM
Because I somehow think life should be perfect...I asked my doctor for a new sleeping drug because I wanted off klonopin. She gave me Belsomra samples and I took 1 20mg. I slept better than I had in forever and woke up feeling rested. I thought I had discovered a miracle drug!

Unfortunately, after I got out of bed, I immediately started feeling nauseous and very foggy. I took my normal dose of Adderall 10mg IR and it was like I had taken nothing. Long story short, I didn't take it the next night and barely slept. The next night I went to a concert and went totally hyperactive/emotional roller coaster, drank too much and hardly remember half of what happened. That has *never* happened since I started on the Adderall (it used to happen a lot more often when I was younger and not properly medicated).

The following week I alternated between anxiety, nausea, depression and not feeling myself. The drug is totally out of my system now but I still feel badly, mostly probably because of how I felt this whole past week.

Anyway, has anyone else taken Belsomra? Something tells me it's a bad idea for people with ADHD....

Little Missy
11-20-16, 05:09 PM
You may be going through withdrawals from the Klonopin. Perhaps you should talk to your doc.

11-20-16, 06:27 PM
I'm still taking Klonopin, so it isn't that. I haven't bothered going back to my doctor because her response will be 'don't take Belsomra again' which I already know. So just sticking with Klonopin/melatonin at night and Adderall in the day for now.

Maybe I'm the only weirdo to have a bad reaction to Belsomra. I would blame it on something else (stress?) but my husband said I was acting very out of character all day when the hyperactive episode happened. (I'm not bipolar).

11-21-16, 05:55 AM
Can someone tell me the common name of this drug? I keep meaning to google it but every time I go to that something interrupts or distracts me- like just now, I heard my husband's alarm go off and realize I have to start my day.

11-21-16, 06:02 AM
Belsomra is the brand or common name. It is also known as suvorexant

11-21-16, 09:14 AM
As greyhound notes, the drug is called suvorexant and the brand is

It works on a brain chemical called Orexin which in my understanding is overactive in people with ADHD (which is why many of us have sleep issues).

I've Googled the drug about a gazillion times and can only find official drug information and then a lot of reviews on saying it didn't work at all or made them totally drowsey the next day. You might find one review about crazy experiences, that mine :)