View Full Version : For anyone keeping up with my posts Update

11-22-16, 05:13 PM
so i think i realized that im confusing what the medications doing with whats just me. I noticed a pattern in my change of behavior. the medicine is "working" when the traumatic thing im experiencing right now is on a good note and when its bad its "not working" i put it in quotes becuz i know thats not true. i guess it cant fix emotion problems when its such a huge situation as this is it holds me back a bit but in this case sometimes it cant its just to emotion lol. but i know it does something i got annoyed today when it wore off at somebody for a good reason and i put as much time into it as i would with the person involved in my situation, it didnt bother me as much but some things were on the same level which means it is helping my emotions. anyway i just wanted to tell u guys what i realized thanks and if anybody would talk to me 1 on 1 that'd be great just message me