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I read this and I thought I would share it with you guys. This book is a reviewed biography of Alba, and it claims she has ADHD and has been taking Ritalin for it since childhood (on page 2, you can read it just by clicking on the link).

For some reason, I love this. A famous woman who's often seen as the "perfect" girl stereotype who shares our diagnosis. Could really help to raise awareness.

I'm a bit surprised, didn't expect that. She did say something about her hyperactivity in the past, but I didn't think it was actually ADHD. But it's really cool.

12-09-16, 01:10 AM
Really nice from her to come out! That's amazing. I'm not really into celebrities, but I've always wondered how many of them have ADHD or some other disabilities. We seem to have a comparative advantage in the artistic world compared to the "normal" population.