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11-27-16, 12:56 PM
Hi everyone.

I am 51 and have been on vyvanse for several yrs as prescribed by prior P Doc.

I moved away from the state and into NY. I see a GP who is relatively new to the practice.

I went to her initially for annual. She always says I ask too many questions that go beyond the scope of the appointment and we would need a separate appt to answer RX ques etc. I thought it was weird the first time she said that, and even moreso when I went in for an injury and said the same.

I never had issues w RX scripts through my P doc in my former town. I saw him ever 3-6 mos for RX counseling.

This new GP here shocked me when she insisted I get drug tested (urine) upon the visit for the injury. I was not asking nor wanting a script for the injury. I just went there for an xray. She had been prescribing my vyvanse at 60 mgs for that year and we had gone over those meds not more than 3 mos prior to the injury issue I was seeing her for when she drug tested me.

The back story that may have caused this test is as follows.

My sister asked me to come dog sit her kennel in a nearby state 3 hours from my home. She was leaving last minute and I agreed to help her out. I was leaving on a Thursday and saw I would be out of my RX by Sunday so I called the nurse at my GP and explained the issue. NY will not allow your Dr to refill your script even one day early. NOT even kidding. It takes an act of congress.

My nurse saw no issue calling it in under the circumstances. I went to the CVS to pick it up. The pharma biotch said she would not refill it because it was early. I said the nurse practitioner called it in. She looked at me like I was an addict and unsmilingly said I need a plane ticket as proof in order to have it filled. I looked at her incredulously and asked how that would work since I am driving. Not flying. She said I guess it won't work.

I called the nurse practitioner and she said she called the pharmacist and said she is legally allowed to prescribe the RX and the pharma said she wanted to speak to the MD. The MD was seeing patients and had written permission to the nurse and the nurse read it to the Pharma. The pharma gave her so much trouble and was rude according to the NP. The CVS pharma biotch agreed to fill it. This ONE TIME. TF?

Fast fwd. A few wks after I went to MD for said injury from running (I run road races). I saw the NP and mentioned how badly the Pharma made me feel. She identified with me and asked if I had felt like I was treated like a drug addict. I said I don't know what that feels like but it felt bad! She said the pharma was rude to her, too.

I spoke w the GP and mentioned this issue. She said she needed to drug test me. I sat there in disbelief. For one thing, I asked her to lower my dose from 60 to 40 at my annual and she did. I also discussed and inquired about my prior P Doc telling me Vyvanse does not have WD if you miss a dose and I did not have to take it daily unless I needed it for studying or work. He also said I can empty out some of the med powder if I feel too stimulated. He said it is good to take a break and not build up tolerance. She agreed with his position initially.

So at this injury visit, she said sprang the pee test on me. I had never been asked to do this in all the yrs I have taken it. I asked her why. She said because we have to and you signed an agreement when you took me on as your MD. (I don't recall this). She said if I don't I will be dropped as a patient. I asked what she was testing for - I mean - you either want me to take this crap or not right? Apparently the level must be at the prescribed dose or a person is presumed to be selling this med. ARE YOU FKM.

I asked what you are testing for ? The level or what? She said COCAINE.

Holy jaysus. I have never evr touched cocaine nor would I. What is ironic is that if it was too low a level of vyvanse or none that day, then I was accused of selling it though she agreed I do not have to take it daily or the full dose. If I take it I am presumed to be taking cocaine?

I was in tears by the time I left. Obviously there was no cocaine in my test nor anything else. I don't drink or smoke either.

Funny thing is, my dad was president of the board of her closely associated hospital and she knew this. Not that it matter but my parents were very involved in their practice and putting them on the map. They know I care for both my elderly parents now. My mom was a patient of hers until she determined the Dr treated her like an idiot. I basically found out the same thing.

I switched doctors. I hate this woman. She made me feel ashamed and confused and humiliated. I was so upset I said fine take me off the crap. I don't need this abuse.

I wonder if anyone else had this happen or similar.

She claims it is everyone on the street making this a problem for those who follow the rules. Instead, I feel we are treated as if we are addicts. My Pdoc wasn't a great guy but he did not ever make me feel like she did.

11-27-16, 12:57 PM
corrected for clarity

11-27-16, 02:14 PM
Does she (the doc) have a obsessive control disorder without having any idea how the meds work she prescribed?

11-27-16, 02:58 PM
I didn't read the back story. No meds means no patience nor ability for that.

Drug tests in the event of an accident are standard procedure in many places.


11-27-16, 04:14 PM
In this case it seems to be an accident she became P-doc.

No empathy but generalized accusation I also would runaway.

12-03-16, 02:11 AM
Some docs are like that because of the place they work. Like my GP said they had a policy at the office he works that there are pill counts. I don't deal with it now. I take Dexedrine IR and XR and Klonopin. You should find someone else. In VT 85% of your rx has to be gone before you can refill and they don't care as long as insurance covers it.