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11-27-16, 03:23 PM
Hello to all, i am your newest member and id like to first introduce myself. Also,i want to warn you that this is gonna be a slightly long post, i apologize in advance! :)

I am 23 years old, living in Greece. At the moment i am at college and i study food technology. I also compete in powerlifting, and managed to place 2nd and 1st in some meets.

Now, let me introduce you to my problem(s)

Since i was a kid, i always had troubles concentrating. Some specialists diagnosed me with dyslexia, and thats how i passed most of my school years, by simply thinking i was dyslexic. After managing to get access into college through exams, i was always told by my parents that the reason i could not "concentrate" was because school subjects are boring but now in college i would be fine yada yada.

But after i set foot into college, i knew something was off. First of all, i still could not concentrate, even though the subjects were interesting to me. Also, i could not retrieve the information i studied. I also started experiencing some very strange effects on me, like for example feeling very very sleepy during classes, even though i had slept very well the night before - i almost passed out 3-4 times (im gonna get to it in a minute).

I decided to visit a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with ADHD. My parents were not very happy with me taking medications, saying that those meds were bs and that they dont work.

Anyway, my doctor first gave me Strattera, which did not really help at all,
After that, he prescribed me concerta 18mg, to which i felt amazing, and we later increased it to 36mgs. He also prescribed me modafinil and ritalin. I usually take ritalin (10mgs - the short acting one) when i study.

So here is my problem, even though i take those meds, i still feel very bad psychologically . Why you ask? Well, unlike most europian and American univercities, Greek unis do NOT have welfare for students that have learning disabilities. The only type of "welfare" i am given, is that the professor must test me vocally instead of me writing the test.

So, as you probably have guessed, i am not given audio books , which are actually a MUST for a dyslexic (let alone an ADHD dyslexic!) . Here is the funny part, some professors do not even test me vocally, sayng that they are "too busy to test me" and then proceed to grade me exactly like the rest of the "normal" students. This has absolutely crushed my self esteem, because i am constantly graded lower than what i should be. Also, i have not passed a lot of courses for the exact same reason. Also most professors do not even understand what ADHD is, even though i have tried to explain it to them, and some of them are very insulting and say things like "you just need to try harder, dyslexia is not real " etc etc.

Here is my question, my fellow ADHDers! What can i do? i feel lost. I have not passed a lot of my college courses and it is killing me. I am 23 years old, and i will need 2 more years to complete my univercity studies, which means that i will get to be able to work at 25 years old at least (although, i do have a PHd in mind) I sometimes feel that i am a failure for not being possible to pass my exams. Also, i see a lot of my friends getting their degree, and this makes me feel even worse. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading, any advice would be very helpful!

Little Missy
11-27-16, 05:10 PM
Boy, oh boy, if I were you I'd be applying to every college in the USA for a foreign exchange student fast!

11-28-16, 07:57 PM
So I would say investigate whether you have depression. Sounds like it would be obvious, but sometimes people are so used to being in a bad place that they dont' think of their condition/pain as depression.

So if you have depression, I'm sure that that condition is recognized. Get that treated and then go from there.

Just a thought.


02-04-17, 02:13 PM
I find your post relatable. I too have issues struggling with concentration. I was wondering, do you mind if I can ask you a few questions about your struggle with ADHD? I only ask because maybe conversing on this forum might help us both out and see if any patterns arise. Get back to me if you think this is a good idea.