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11-29-16, 02:38 AM
I like Wellbutrin so far from what I'm reading.

I am taking generic Dexedrine and want to switch to a long release medication. I want to switch to either Wellbutrin XL, Adderall XR, Concerta or some other long release Methlphenidate medication.

Can someone that has been taking Wellbutrin fort at least a few months with Inattentive ADHD give me some insight to the effect of the medication? Thank You

11-30-16, 01:02 AM
I've only been on wellbutrin for a week and a half, but so far I'm very happy with the results.

I have inattentive adhd and depression, and it's hard to tell which is more debilitating. I've had adhd issues since I was a young child, but I also have had these depression issues for a long time. It seems like every major stage in my life caused the depression to get worse and worse. It started mildly in my early teenage years and just grew and grew into my adult life of unfeeling inaction.

It feels like I have my brain back. The tendency for me to just stare and see problems but not put any action into it is gone. Before there was always this long delay between experience and then action. It happens in communication, and it happens when I'm alone planning what to do for the day.

I can make eye contact again, without having the intense feeling to look away instantly.

I can actually hold a conversation and think of meaningful things to say in the moment. I can have the appropriate emotional connection with people, without my brain going to a place of nothing all the time.

I tried Vyvanse on a way too high of a dose a couple of times. That helped with the inattentiveness, and put me in the moment... but I was too intense., and it I couldn't sleep and it just caused a bunch of emotional problems for me.

I then tried Strattera, and it was okay. It helped my mind become more clear and focused. I was able to communicate better. My mood improved a little bit too. But it did nothing for my planning and desire to get things done. In fact I think it made my motivation much worse. And I was still getting into a funk of inaction.

I was on strattera and wellbutrin together for a little bit, and that had problems with too much norepinephrine. I was too anxious, and my body felt messed up and I was waking up too early.

I've stopped the strattera, and the wellbutrin by itself has been just fine. I really hope this doesn't lessen over time, because it feels like just what I needed.

The only downsides so far are a slight twitchiness in my eye. They feel like the skin is getting bunched up around them or something. I also am really tired in the morning waking up. Once I get going, I have no problem but that initial push out of bed is really hard. I also seem to get really excited after work. I used to get like this anyways, but now it's amplified. I just feel wired and walk super fast and want to get rid of this bulit up energy.

From what I've read, inattentive ADHD or SCT tend to get benefit from a smaller dose of stimulants, so the small stimulant effects of wellbutrin manages my adhd problems just fine. And then the other benefits of reducing the depression solves my motivation/desire issues.

Most other meds I tried really makes me feel off and not myself... this I just feel like myself but actually living in the world. So it's worth a shot I'd say. Some people report having a short fuse, but I've found none of that.

I'm on 150mg XL generic.

11-30-16, 03:27 AM
How many refills can you get with wellbutrin before having to go back to doc?

Will the doc still make you come to month to month appointments regardless to monitor your health and progress?

Are the dopamine effects noticeable on wellbutrin like it is for vyvanse or traditional stimulant meds?

Wellbutrin seems like a hit or miss according to add people on the internet despite it having a 7.4/10 review on used for adhd but that's only on 64 people but still...adderall is 8.2 which is not so much higher lol

11-30-16, 03:29 AM
How many refills can you get with wellbutrin before having to go back to doc?

Will the doc still make you come to month to month appointments regardless to monitor your health and progress?
Generally a doc will want to see you monthly for a couple of months until you are at your target dose then most of the time every three months. Its not a controlled substance so technically you could get as many refills on it as the doc wants to give.