View Full Version : Are my meds enough? Or should I change?

12-01-16, 03:20 PM
I haven taken 70mg of Vyvanse daily starting around 8am for the last several years. I started taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin about 4 months ago and got bumped up to 300 mg last month for depression/anxiety. I was noticing a drop in my mood and motivation once the Vyvanse wore off and the Wellbutrin was helping with that at first but the last few weeks, i'm feeling that lull again and have the sad/anxious thoughts slowly coming back. I used to try to "split" my Vyvanse up so I can get a boost in the afternoon. When I did it right, I coasted in the evenings and was fine. I've asked for a Vyvanse or some other stimulant booster for the afternoon and my doc has talked me out of it twice. I'm wondering if that's what I need or is the Wellbutrin just not working. Hope this doesnt confuse anyone. I feel great on the Vyvanse and just want to feel even throughout the day and not just from 8 to 5pm. Any and all suggestions would help.

12-01-16, 04:05 PM
The thing I hate about vyvanse and its marketing is that its marketed as supposedly lasting 12 hours and I have yet to meet anyone for whom that is true. Most people are lucky if they get 8. What did the doctor say to talk you out of it? It doesnt make sense to me. Assuming you need more than 8 hours coverage- which most people do, it makes sense that you would need a booster. Personally I think dexedrine is the superior drug and would be a great booster.

12-01-16, 04:29 PM
He said that its tricky to do and he'd feel more comfortable splitting the Vyvanse into two prescriptions. One for 50mg and the other one at 20mg. He seems to be unwilling to go above 70mg for whatever reason. We've talked about it a few times but now i'm paranoid to ask again for fear he will assume I'm drug seeking. Any type of booster would help. I just want to be productive and in a better mood for most of my day.

12-01-16, 06:20 PM
Sorry, post above is ironic.

One for 50mg and the other one at 20mg.

He is watching you and he could be right.
Why do you think less is worse and more is better?
Just mind he wants to know the 50/20 effect on you
to see if you are a reliable user or a drug seeker.
You can discuss for more than 70 or just try 50/20
and report what happens to you or cheat him.

I am a happy vyvanse user who gets 12-13h out of it
and there are others on this forums but some don't believe it.