View Full Version : Do you see a doctor or a nurse practitioner

12-01-16, 05:43 PM
This came up in a discussion I had yesterday with a medical professional.

Last year I switched to a new medical provider. I found a psychiatric expert in my area, a company that stated they focused on adult add, among many other things. My first day in I was tested and saw a nurse practitioner. She diagnosed me, spoke about my history and wrote my medication (and has been doing so since). The center also has therapists, but have never been able to get one with an open schedule that works with mine.

In all prior cases, I've been treated by psychiatrists. The discussion yesterday involved my having anxiety, among other issues. He stressed that there's zero reason I should settle for a nurse, as I'm only having one issue cared for.

Any of you share this experience. Looks like I'll be searching for a new psychiatric provider in January.....and another bout of testing, etc...

12-02-16, 06:05 AM
I think if the NP is getting it right and can help with anxiety you do not need to see a psyche for it unless you feel the NP is doing a bad job. In many cases and in some experiences of mine the ego factor isnt there with NP's whereas with doctors there are more times then not that I have to deal with an ego that I wasnt prepared to handle.I know there have been plenty of times where I would get my sick visits with an NP and they were better at getting to the diagnosis and treatment then the doctors at my practice.
I think some doctors even look down on np's because they think they were too lazy or whatever to go the 'whole' way through medical school.

12-02-16, 05:46 PM
I go to a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Frankly, a nurse practitioner can be as sharp as a doctor.

But I'll be honest: I'm not sure I would have trusted the nurse practitioner early on in my treatment. I think I needed to go to someone with the full "psychiatrist" MD label to have confidence starting out.

But after my expensive out-of-network psychiatrist moved across the country, I was determined to find someone in my insurance network to reduce the costs. And I really like my psychiatric nurse practitioner. She's sharp and asks the same kinds of questions as my former psychiatrist ... But I have confidence in evaluating her because I can compare her to my previous psychiatrists.

But trust yourself: if you want a psychiatrist, ask for one ... and definitely push aggressively to see a therapist if that's what you want.