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12-05-16, 04:54 PM
Hi, just for starters, my 8 year old was diagnosed two years ago . We recently began Quillavent and are seeing some positive changes even at a lower dose. A friend has suggested taking magnesium along with this and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to how this helps, and what form to take as there are many forms. thanks, I really appreciate it.

01-08-17, 02:09 AM
Hi just our experience with magnesium. My 8 year old daughter has taken various meds for her adhd. Many of them created a multi step tick. This was terrifying for both her and is. The only thing that resolves it is magnesium and calcium combination. Supposedly these meds deplete the minerals in the brain. As a lay person I would highly recommend they take these. Hope this helps someone!

01-08-17, 02:50 AM
I take magnesium citrate daily, I was told that is the best form that is most absorbable.

It doesn't help my ADHD at all, but I do find I feel a bit calmer and less anxious.

01-08-17, 07:54 AM
Stimulants inhibit calcium channel activity in the neurons which can result in unwanted side effects such as anxiety, irritability and even tolerance.

Magnesium is an NMDA antagonist. It works by inhibiting excess Ca++ influx into the neuron, protecting the calcium channels.

In other words, taking a healthy dose of magnesium can help slow down or even prevent stimulant tolerance from occuring and reduce other negative side effects associated with stimulant use.

Magnesium is most effective for this purpose in it's chelated form at dosages around 400 to 800mgs per day.