View Full Version : I'm sluggish but not cognitively, I don't think...?

12-05-16, 06:19 PM
I've just been seeing these posts about SCT and did some Googling - just to check out what it means. I don't think I have it. I have more the racing thoughts and a lot of ideas at once and many irons in the fire. I'm also a quick study when learning new things - unless they are things I find tedious, frustrating, or too technical, or too vague.

But I can sure be sluggish about having the energy to accomplish goals - I don't know, it feels physical. Might be some depression at times, but other times I don't think it's that. Some of my issue is that I'm living in a shared space and there's clutter and I'm so behind on many things. So I guess that would be a feeling of discouragement and not knowing where to begin.

Mainly I'm just curious - SCT refers more to difficulty learning, correct? With motivation and general energy to accomplish things being separate issues?

12-05-16, 09:43 PM
I think SCT is real wallflower material. Like you live in a type of limbo.

The fact that your thinking quite a bit probably means this doesn't apply to you.

01-29-17, 09:11 PM
If I had to guess, it might have something to do with serotonin. Have you tried tryptophan or any serotonin related medications? What was the result?