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12-06-16, 05:57 PM
Is there a place where I can contribute to scholarships for college students with ADD?

Do you think I should I just contribute to a scholarship fund at a particular university, if they have one set up?

I don't want to set a scholarship up from scratch; you know how hard it is to work through details and maintain momentum and focus.

Thanks in advance

Little Missy
12-06-16, 06:00 PM
Google! :)

12-07-16, 12:28 AM
Wow, what a great and lovely idea.

I'm thinking though that the target market is probably too specific. Most students in college with ADHD don't inform the university that they have ADHD. The only people who inform the university are those with official accommodations, and I've been teaching college for 20 years or so, and I think I have encountered five students out of thousands seeking accommodations ....

What would be great would be to help those folks who need help get access to good treatment ...

Anyway, maybe keep asking this question and someone will be able to direct you.

Great idea!


12-07-16, 08:39 AM
Contribute to me.

I'll PM you my Paypal details.

Is this solicitation?

Should I infract myself? :o :D