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12-07-16, 01:06 PM
I have been trying this one meal a day diet for 3 days now, and i cant really judge yet because the first adaptation week is supposed to be hard.

This diet is said to give you longevity, anti-aging,good health and lean and hard body.

"The Warrior Diet" ( -- interview with Ori Hofmekler from

How does it relate to ADD?

The diet is presumed to give "feel great in general,stable energy level,tolerate less sleep better and more focus" which ADDers struggle. Furthermore, since we are curtailing or even ridding completely sugar and gluten intake during the day,is it not good for ADDer to get through the day?And, hunger is said to increase dopamine, norepineprhine neurotrasmitters both of which ADDers would die for.

Great!!! Or is it?Is this diet a double-edged sword for an ADDer? I am having second thought that this could backfire on an ADDer.
Because,ADDers are already having trouble regulating emotions and focus and self-control. Would not hunger exacerbate the condition. Because after all, naturally, people tend to be moody, irritated,and cannot think clearly when they are hungry? But of course, all this may change over the course of time as your body adapt to the diet, and you start to reap the benefits.

Have anybody tried this diet?Am i stepping into some uncharted waters? Please let me know of your opinions or experiences or scientific idea about this. :)

Also, there seemed to have been topic about this on this forum sometime back. I came across google: