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12-07-16, 02:17 PM
I am new here, please bear with me. I went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with anxiety and ADHD. I had already been on zoloft and he bumped up the dose and that was good overall and I was working with another doctor in the office for behavioral modification which helped with interpersonal issues / obsessing with things.

But still couldn't focus / forgetfull / easily distracted.

Over a couple / few months, they had me try Concerta 18mg then 36 mg then 54 mg. then focaline 20mg then 40 mg. then vyvance 30mg then 60mg. and previously, with a different doctor I had tried adderall and adderall xr?

I'd try these for a week or 2 each.

2 things I'd like your advice on:

1) I've 'felt' no change when on these drugs - no good or bad side effects, no change in appetite, no change in attentiion span, nothing. The doctor wants to keep trying different classes of drugs. Any idea on how soon I should see 'something' to know these are working? I know the Zoloft can take 1 - 2 weeks to 'kick in'. THat's not the case with these drugs, right?

2) I'm impatient and this process is getting annoying - maybe I just have to 'deal with' the ADHD / accept it? Coming up on the end of the year and having met my deductible for the year. Even with the insurance, visits with the psychaiatrist still winds up costing me $350? each time to try a drug / come back with no 'success'. Next year with the deductible resetting, I think that'll cost $400? Yes, the $$ with no adhd drug solution is getting frustrating. Any advice?

Thank you!

12-08-16, 06:33 PM
Wow, that's a lot of medications to have felt nothing on ... and some reasonably high dosages.

Some folks try not to focus on how they "feel" and focus instead of whether they can get more work done or accomplish more on a medication.

You're saying you were no more productive on any of these medications than you usually are?

There are people for whom stimulants don't really work, but a lot of these folks often report side effects. What's interesting is that you report not even having side effects with any of these meds at various dosages.

Your doctor is following standard protocol to try different meds and to try different dosages of each of the meds they prescribe. There really is no shortcut.


12-09-16, 01:26 PM
It's my experience that I could not 'feel' a difference. It took time for me to notice (and I mean months) that I was driving better, my anxiety was lower, my ability to perform and maintain tasks in my home was exponentially better. I didn't lose as many things.

These things are easy to not notice, because you don't notice what you're not failing at, it took me time to realise, hey you know I don't fail near as often, but that takes time.

Not everyone gets the big wow it's like I put glasses on and I can see hallelujia moment. Some of us have to wait over time.

A week is not long enough, two weeks in not long enough.

Sorry to tell you.