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12-07-16, 11:46 PM
....Finally have a few moments to check in .....since November, it's been the usual craziness of getting ready to leave Cal, and get back to Michigan..and this time I decided to do a last minute 2 day Holiday show, so I was extra stressed for time this year .....

....I still can't get over how well my business is taking off .....and it actually is building up higher and higher ....I have 2 stores where the owners come to the Treasure Island or Alameda shows and buy several hundred dollars of stuff for their stores, one in San Francisco, one in Sausalito, ...and a lady who was at the Holiday show wants to meet up with me when I get back to California to put my stuff in her store too ....( and it's in Lafayette, a very posh town in the East Bay) ....

.....Continuing to come up with new ideas all the time, and dropping things that aren't proving to earn their worth and time ....but the most exciting thing is that I found a dealer who has findings that are new, but are made using Victorian molds ....they are pricey as all get out, but simply gorgeous, and I can hardly make the jewelry fast enough ....mostly pendants and earrings, as they are rather small for the large pendants....

....I have never had anything I have done in my life work as well as this is going .....I am working between 60 and 80 hours a week .....but I do live in quiet dread that I will eventually screw it up .....but I am drawing on many years of successes and failures both, so maybe just maybe I can really pull this off ......

....My goal is to do several shows a year that I can net 5 to 7,000 dollars each .....there are shows you can do this in .....finding them is tricky ...and I have to grow up to the point where I can show my work to it's best, to make that happen can't just waltz in these big shows and make a fortune ....there are dues to be paid, and the methods of showing and doing the actual bookkeeping to be learned .....have to do some moderately huge shows this coming year ....I do have the small and medium shows down pretty good now.....

...When I get the new stuff photographed, I'll post some here ....just haven't gotten that far yet .....

....and disappointingly, MIchigan has only had 1 snowfall thus far ....and it only lasted about a day and a half ....

...BUt the hardest thing is that Janet's beloved kitty Barney, is dying of cancer ....she has already spent a fortune trying to cure it ...but with no success....she takes him out and holds him on her lap on the lawn swing I pout together last May, ( it has an awning, and is a 3 cushion swing) ....and wraps up in several shawls, and I tuck in a couple of big throws around them both ....Barney loves being outside ....and Janet takes him out at lest once a day, and they sit out there for 2/3 hours .....when it snowed, she went out there anyway's heartbreaking to watch ....

...Last year she adopted a black and white kitten that a friend of hers found in the garage....and he is a pip....and helps mightily in doses of comic relief .....

.....Music has played a big part in my life ...and right now as I write this ....I am being dosed with some of the greatest rock and roll music of all time .....yes, I am watching Easy Rider.....and the music for that film is far better than the film is that's for sure .....I wondered how well the film would hold up, as I haven't seen it since it first came out .....and unlike Hard Day's far, 20 minutes into it ....I wouldn't recommend it to anyone ....except as a nostalgic look into the late 1960s....

....the music however one iconic tune after another ....from the opening bars of "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf....and on to The Band, Jimi, and the Byrds ..."Wasn't Born to Follow" .....and a whole bunch of others ....

So ....Born to be Wild is known by everyone of any age I will dispense with that particular one ....however, this little gem is the product of the Bryds, a top band in the 1960s, known for their harmonies, and Jim McGuinns famous 12 string guitar ....

so ....enjoy ...

12-08-16, 12:35 AM
I wanted to rep you for this lovely, not-quite-rambling post, but my phone is inept with this ancient vB code, so...

...know that it was a pleasure to read, well and truly.

Blesséd Be,

Little Missy
12-08-16, 09:20 AM
Well, I repped your ole' hippie ***. Takes one to know one. We had the best you know, still have.

My dad took my brother to go see Easy Rider. I remember some sideburns filling in real quick on him and my mum was stomping a white Keds over my dad taking him when she found out.

I slept with the radio on WABX all night back then. Scandalous!!

12-08-16, 12:42 PM
I slept with the radio on WABX all night back then.

“The station that glows in the dark.” :yes:

No wonder you are corrupted in all the right ways. ;)

Sweet Soul Sister,

12-08-16, 01:02 PM
Sallah it's lovely to hear from you!
wow I really missed my era, by just a few years...

Little Missy
12-08-16, 01:20 PM
“The station that glows in the dark.” :yes:

No wonder you are corrupted in all the right ways. ;)

Sweet Soul Sister,

The first radio station to play full albums on Sundays.

12-08-16, 01:57 PM
Always wonderful to hear from you salleh :grouphug:

12-08-16, 03:44 PM
That's so awesome abd super inspiring!!! Loved seeing the collections you posted previously and would love to see pics of the new one as well!!

And I didn't know born to be wild was from a movie. :eek:

12-08-16, 08:19 PM
I wondered if you felt the quake in California this morning but ... you were in Michigan ...

... where I see there was a 40 car/truck pile-up this morning (3 dead). :(

No snow here in central Kansas yet, the northwest corner got some ... but dayum! it's cold here. :eek:

And what better on a cold day than a pot of hot veggie beef soup for supper? :D

12-09-16, 12:03 AM
Man, what a wonderful update! Thanks for sharing this!! I'm so happy for you :D.

You say you're working 60+ hours a week...does it feel like 'work' to you? Or do you enjoy doing what you're doing so much that it doesn't feel like a chore?
I'm just curious. I LOOOOVE when someone can find something they love so much that it feels more like play than it does work.
Hearing of such stories and people always lifts my spirits and keeps my hope alive.

I'm real sorry about Barney though :( Poor kitty. How old is he?

...thanks again for the wonderful post! Yay you!! :yes:




12-09-16, 01:22 PM
So glad to hear you're doing well. Groove on sister. :)

12-09-16, 02:45 PM
Way to go Salleh! I am so excited for you! I hope you do get some pictures, I love our work.

So sad about your friend's kitty :-(

02-02-17, 02:26 PM
Apparently, life grabbed me by the throat and dragged me off right after I wrote this thread...and the few times I managed to drop in, just read and sometimes commented on other peoples threads ....

It made me smile a big smile when I read all these lovely comments ....thanks guys !

and boy do I now have photos of my work !! ( please to see my latest thread in the working sub catagory)......did run into a small problem when I tried to post photos of Elle, my daughter the photo on photobucket, but can't remember how to get them from photobucket to here .....sigh's always something isn't it !?

and while the project I just finished about applying to the bigger shows was a 9 day, 12 to 14 hour day fits into the I had to push myself hard, and no it wasn't fun at all catagory of the hardest things about it was when I went to photograph the pieces, I wanted to stop hassling that horrible project and go play with my materials and MAKE SOMETHING !!!

.....and yes making stuff IS playing as far as I am concerned ......time goes flashing by, and I look up and its' deep into the night .....and searching ebay for the materials is pretty fun too, but I can't do that for that many hours at once.....I do need breaks for my brains with ebay ....different types of brain parts involved creative brain can rollick along for hours without a break, one idea building upon an other, often branching out in several directions at once ....

......the one thing my brain does well, consistantly is make stuff up ...designing that is ....of course, medicated ....unmedicated, I just wish I was doing something....

02-02-17, 02:31 PM
Oh and the coolest radio station in the Pasadena area of LA was KPPC, an underground FM station where you could hear the music you had the albums for, and went to the concerts of ....the Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Love, Quicksilver Messenger, Lee Michaels, Spirit....and Dr. Demento got his start there too ....heard Monty Python the first time from KPPC....

...there as a DJ, who hosted the "noontime idiot hour" and played all sorts of funny stuff, I dearly loved that show....

we looked with great scorn upon the "Commercial" radio Am stations in the mid 60s....commercial was the kiss of death ....and the greatest insult you could hurl at someone was to call them "plastic" ....

I was lucky enough to live in California, Southern Cal to be sure, but at 18 I moved to the beach, it was 1968 at the beach in 1968, in California was THE place to be ......and I was a girl, ( still am for that matter) and while I hated that the lads I knew were under the pressure of dealing with the draft, and Vietnam looming in a most terrifying way over every breath they took, I combed my long hair and breathed a sigh of relief that I was immune ....

02-02-17, 02:42 PM
(((((salleh))))) :grouphug:

02-02-17, 10:27 PM

I love that life is treating you so well right now! :D