View Full Version : Hey! Anyone remember me?

12-08-16, 11:15 PM
It says the last time I was here was in 2011, but I'm sure I stopped attending regularly long before that. I remembered my password too!

Hell, I remember meeting so many people here, a couple I think even wound up on Facebook with me.

I might stop by more often. ADHD is becoming more relevant to my interests again.

12-08-16, 11:47 PM
Hey there :)

I don't think we've ever met...I didn't stumble into this place till 2013, so I think we must've missed each other.

It's cool that you're back though! Nice you remembered your password and all :D
I hope you can find some of the people you knew back when you were active. It's always nice to run into old friends.


12-09-16, 06:11 AM
Hi I came in 2012 so wouldn't have met you, nice to meet you though :)

12-09-16, 06:12 AM
How could I forget that face?!

12-09-16, 07:56 AM
I joined in 2012 too but welcome back. :)

12-09-16, 01:29 PM
Yes I do remember you Mincan, welcome back. :)

12-09-16, 01:31 PM
How could I forget that face?!

I have prosopognosia so faces are tricksy for me, but that name does ring a bell.
Welcome home!

12-13-16, 04:04 AM
I sure remember you! Welcome back!

Kunga Dorji
12-13-16, 05:44 AM
You know I remember the name, but that face sure looks a lot like "Jake" from "Jake and the Fatman"

That's not a bad thing-- I hope you are making the most of your good looks :)

12-13-16, 08:22 AM
Isn't that a pic of the actor from no country for old men?

12-14-16, 11:40 PM
hell yes i remember you! how've you been, what're you up to, etc, etc, etc?

good to see you back around xx

12-15-16, 03:24 AM
Isn't that a pic of the actor from no country for old men?

It is :)