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12-08-16, 11:16 PM
I did some research on ADHD medication after being diagnosed, and I read that this was a safer alternative to Adderall?

Is this true? Has anyone had experience with it?

12-09-16, 12:09 PM
Yes, I tried it a few times, I have a thread with a warning in it.

Other than that, I found it made me feel really awake, but not more motivated. But it's really too early to tell.
Tried it with a stim (safe?) and got some stuff done, or started at least.

Armodafinil is 2x strong.

12-09-16, 02:32 PM
Different effects for different people yadda yadda. Worked great for me.

I'm going to try to round-2 my experience with MODA, if my psychiatrist lets me. I had problems the first time, which I am tentatively attributing to extreme sleep deprivation (I'm an insomniac; my psychiatrist provided me with sleep drugs, and it has made a world of difference).

To head this: depression isn't a normal side-effect of Modafinil. It did that to me; but it also made me feel awake for half an hour, instead of 14 hours. I was that sleep-deprived. Do not use Modafinil to stay up for a week straight. For that matter--as I discovered first-hand--do not use Modafinil if you have insomnia and are exhausted all the time. I actually fell asleep driving once, at 3pm!

Modafinil is safer, in that its therapeutic dose is far from its toxic dose. High doses of Modafinil are unpleasant; high doses of Amphetamine are damaging, and potentially-lethal. Modafinil also has no abuse potential, because taking 4 or 6 or 10 pills will make you regret some recent decisions in life--like taking 4 or 6 or 10 MODA. (Caveat: you could try to use it to stay awake for days; don't. Whoever defined "abuse" only cared about taking drugs "to feel good".)

As for Modafinil's effectivenes...

When I took it, it optimized my attention system. It made me automatically recognize everything that came into my field of awareness, select for priority, and shelve anything unimportant. Low-priority things stayed in my awareness, but were ignored unless they became high-priority. I liked that. On Amphetamine, I actually came within 3 inches of running some dude over with my car because I had slowed down and moved my attention to another pedestrian who almost walked into the street in front of me; there is no excuse for that, because the guy I nearly hit definitely was in my peripheral vision and should have drawn my attention.

Modafinil provided me with the ability to self-motivate; but I didn't automatically self-motivate. If I decided to do something, it got done; but I can easily procrastinate on Modafinil. All in all, modafinil feels like it does nothing unless you start intentionally planning and executing: if you just take it and go about your day, you go about your day as normal; if you start scheduling and performing time management, you start executing those plans more-effectively than without it.

Your mileage may vary.

Some people also find the combination of Modafinil and Caffeine makes them ****** off at the world for being inefficient and in their way when they've got **** to do. It makes me a bit more active and overbearing, but also gives me more agency over myself--there's less to control on Amphetamine, but I can't control myself as well; there's more to control on Modafinil, and I can exert control over myself easily once I recognize my behavior is inappropriate.

Out-of-pocket, my PBM (Caremark) has apparently negotiated $100 for 30 x 100mg or $244 for 90 x 100mg; it's cheaper than out-of-pocket generic Adderall. Getting insurance to cover it may be tricky, so Adderall may cost you like $20 while Modafinil costs you $80, simply because your insurance will pay for Adderall but not for Modafinil.

CVS quotes $550 out-of-pocket with no insurance for Modafinil 30 x 100mg. GoodRx says they can get it for you for $89 from SAfeway, $126 from Target CVS.

Errors I made on Modafinil

When on Modafinil, I broke protocol in three ways in total. These have been examined and corrected for.

My psychiatrist gave me 60 x 100mg, instructing me to take them at my discretion, up to 200mg/day, either all at once in the morning, split morning-afternoon, or "when I needed them". I was extremely sleep-deprived. I started taking them 200mg/day every day.

First, I had taken 300mg one day. At 6pm, feeling tired and being firmly tired of feeling that way, I took a 100mg dose despite a 200mg at 8am. Exceeded the prescribed dose.

Second, in response to the above protocol error, I adjusted by taking 100mg in the morning and keeping the second 100mg in reserve for when the fatigue was too unpleasant. Followed prescription dose, but was using the drug to treat a different condition than for which it was prescribed (fatigue, EDS).

Third, I knew I responded strongly to Modafinil. One pill fixed my original ADHD for at least 2 days. I took the maximum dose allowed per medical instruction to attempt to treat my sleep deprivation issues. I exceeded the dose necessary in violation of medical instruction to take as needed for ADHD.

These were all discussed with my psychiatrist. He didn't comment on me using it to stay awake during the day, but did say not to raise my own dose. Technically, all three of these were incorrect usage of the prescription drug--which is why I don't take amphetamine just because I'm tired, even though I have a prescription that says I can take one in the morning (I stopped taking it when I started sleeping better, and tried to hold off as long as I can for a read on myself).

12-15-16, 03:05 PM
One pdoc wanted me to try it when I was getting horrible side effects on stimulants, but then another pdoc told me that I'd probably get the same side effects and that it probably wouldn't be as effective, so I decided to stick to stimulants.

12-15-16, 04:05 PM
"safer" is the operative word here.