View Full Version : Are these side effects of Concerta ER 36mg? Who else experienced these? Feeling blank

12-09-16, 06:20 PM
I am not requiring anyone to diagnose me.
If I had severe side effects, I would go directly to my Doctor.
I'm just seeking advice on whether or not people have experienced these too, or if it's just my daily vitamins, life stress, etc.

I was on 10mg and 20mg Adderall IR.
It didn't work.
10mg one month and 20mg the next month.

I was switched to Concerta 36mg ER.
I do not notice any 'visual alertness' or general 'alertness' like I did with Adderall.
I do not even feel that spike (the only thing I felt with Adderall), which is good because you're not supposed to.

Hours pass by and I feel empty...
I feel so quiet.
I feel insanely socially anxious, even talking to my own Mom.
I wonder what she thinks of me kind of.
I never experience this... I'm ALWAYS a really big talker just like my Dad.
Recently taking this medication made me feel 'empty' and without words.
I'm typically like this in new jobs...
They say 'You're a man of no words'.
I typically feel uncomfortable in the new environment too.

This is happening at home now when taking Concerta.
I feel anxious 100% of the time.
I'm always wondering what someone is going to say about me, if anything.
I'm so much more indecisive too.
The first day of this medication (a week ago) I felt joint pain.
Then the last 3 days I felt back pain.
It's gone away for the most part but it still remains.

So yeah, it's weird.
I feel very socially anxious and general anxiety, I feel like I have no motivation or joy for anything, and I feel empty towards the end of the day.

I'll answer to questions with just 'yea' and then I'll go somewhere with my family and I'll be completely quiet.
When I get home, it's like I have no desire to speak lol.

It's terrible.
I did hear this medication had side effects but I tried a lot of supplements that were proven to work but never did. Adderall didn't even do anything for me, I can't see why people abuse it...

I thought Concerta wouldn't do anything but it makes me so emotionless.
So I'm just wondering if this is the medication or just life stress in general.

Tuesday I had tried this medication with my vitamins and I felt wonderful!
If I felt anxious or depressed (because I left my job and I need to find another) because of trying to find a good job or just being single, I would tell myself 'It's okay, there is a future. Work on yourself now, do what you need to do today so you can make tomorrow better.' For the first time in my life, I was comfortable with staying home and working on things I needed to get done...
Days after and we are here.
Now it's just like 'Tomorrow won't be better, I can't get anything done.'

It's almost like it kind of helped at first, and then one day was good, and now today and the previous days are garbage.
I feel irritable too... less irritable than on Adderall... but still irritable to the point where I want to be left alone lol.

So I'm just not sure if it's the medication, vitamins, or just stress and life in general.
I'm just wondering if anyone else felt things like this.

12-10-16, 12:04 PM
Hey Rowebil,
Sorry I can't answer any of your questions today but am due to start Concerta this week so will keep you informed as to how I get on. Really hoping I don't get the social anxiety you're speaking about. How are you feeling today?