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12-10-16, 03:53 AM
I have been trying different schedules for taking IR the past week. I'm pretty sensitive to it and I find that 2.5 a few times throughout the day works well. But I have insomnia (related to a few other issues) and I'm trying to figure out the best timing.

So far, 2.5MG 8:00AM, 2.5MG 11:00AM, 2.5MG 1:00PM. And 2.5MG at 3:00PM is good- but I can't tell if that's making my insomnia worse. And my insomnia is making it hard for me to feel out my anxiety levels during the day and how the meds are helping. But there are other issues that are causing the sleeping problems and anxiety too. Lol

What schedule/doses work best for you?

Little Nut
12-13-16, 01:59 AM
Hi SJ, I am going to assume your primary reason for taking Dexedrine is for ADHD symptoms. If not, pls disregard the following.

To answer your question I take 7.5mg QID. (5AM, 7:30AM, 10AM, 12:30 AM) For me if I take anything past 1PM I have sleep issues. I also keep in mind that I have sleep issues due to other things from time to time. I hope it is OK to review my thoughts on determining the appropriate dosage and frequency for an individual.

When starting out there are 2 things that you need to determine. The first is what dosage is right for YOU to treat ALL of your symptoms. The second is how long the dose lasts for YOU. These are different for each person and to do it well it takes a month or 2 and requires starting slow and taking notes.

So you start out at a minimal dose (say 2.5mg IR) once a day for a week or 2. You write down a list of your symptoms and how well they are treated (or not treated) with specific examples. You also want to note how LONG the dose treated your symptoms before wearing off. In my case when I start at a dose or when I increase dosage I will get a euphoric kick for the first several days that will go away and should be stable after ~1 week. During this time I tend to ignore any side effects unless severe, because they tend to lessen. If after 1-2 weeks my symptoms were only partially addressed, I would increase the dose to 5mg IR. Also I would review how long the dose lasted for me. If it started wearing of after 3-3.5 hours, I would add a second 5mg dose after 3.5 hours. Take notes on how well symptoms were treated, how long the dose lasted, document side effects and reevaluate after 1-2 weeks. Rinse and Repeat until you determine the RIGHT DOSE FOR YOU and HOW LONG THE DOSE LASTS FOR YOU.

One thing to add is when first starting out you want to make sure you are setting your dose and frequency on how well your symptoms are being addressed and not chasing the euphoric kick. For me the notes and waiting 1-2 weeks between changes makes this easier.


PS For me I have found the Dexedrine helps with anxiety. Others may have different experiences.