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12-12-16, 01:22 AM
Hey guys,

Long story short I think I will loose my job or at least my position tomorrow. It's my own fault, I could not keep up with the work. That said, this has really caused me to look at how I have done professionally and this is part of a pattern. The base of this is not being able to adapt to new situations that are out of the routine. I've managed to scrape by until now and have been the recipent of several second chances over the years, but I'm so tired of just scraping by. The one thing I have done that I was good at was working as a production supervisor because I am good with people and I get machines. I felt like I could do more though so I went back to school and earned an MBA. This new job was in maelecting and I delt with budgets, but for the life of me I have been unable to keep things straight. I have such trouble staying engaged, it's been that way my whole life. I want to break this cycle and wondered it there was anyone out there who has been able to get an education and held leadership roles, but in many instances felt like they were trying to lead a life that they thought they should as opposed to what would actually make them satisfied aND happy?

Bit long winded, but I don't really have anyone to talk to who I can make understand.


12-12-16, 08:02 AM
Edit: maelecting=marketing.

12-12-16, 12:35 PM
Paul, sadly many of us have to adjust our practical competency regardless of our often stunning intellectual competency.

I sincerely feel for you. I'm sorry i have no advice

12-12-16, 08:07 PM
I believe that is what I am starting to realize. Hopefully I can do something with this insight. Thank you.

12-13-16, 11:09 PM
I'd love to know. I am in a similar situation. I started a grad program while working part-time this year. Kinda tough to do both. I figured I wanted to focus on school, but then also figured to take time off from school. But before I decided to take time off decided to put in to quit work. Now I'm not too sure where I will be living(work provides housing). My boss expressed that I was a wonderful educator-but wondered if I was "on the spectrum" or something since "you are so smart and great at some things but are really not that good at others like staying organized". She did notice improvement that then slipped a bit after trying to juggle work and school. But as for advice? *sigh* I don't know what to do. I wish sometimes I could just be happy doing that for years but I'm also a bit too itchy and ambitious...

12-14-16, 02:58 AM
How did it go? Did they fire you?

12-14-16, 09:32 PM
Ha, at this point I almost wish. I thought I was going to find out yesterday, but now it's as soon as possible. My stress level is through the roof. Even if I'm going to be fired or transferred I still don't want to leave my team in a mess. I've been at work until 8 to 10 every work night for the last week and a half. I'm supposed to handle all this money, artwork, and other responsibilities and can't make heads or tails of hardly any of it. On top of that I have a younger brother who is schzophrenic lIvins with me. I'm trying to get some mental heath services for me, but I need to get out of this job and save some dignity in the process. I just want to be happy with myself. I'm so tired.