View Full Version : Dex dosage question for my schedule.

12-14-16, 08:58 PM
I was prescribed 10mg of dex per day for adult ADD by the general practice doc. My job requires incredible focus, cognitive stamina, and mental processing. I get up at 5:30am, get to work at 7, then start working from 8-11:30, lunch and meetings then go from 12:30-3 for more focused work, then other activities that don't require as much processing until 4.

Does it make sense to take 5mg in the morning, then 5 at noon for the afternoon.

or just take all 10 in the morning?

12-14-16, 11:18 PM
Hi. Usually people split up their doses of IR. I started trying 2.5 increments throughout the day. Keeping a journal of times I took it and any symptoms. If you haven't taken it before, trying 2.5 wouldnt hurt. But taking 5 before work and 5 at noon is a good idea. I work 9-5, I take 5mg 8am, 5mg 10:30am, 5mg 1pm. I'm still trying other schedules and doses too.

12-14-16, 11:25 PM
Also, for me, it takes about an hour for the dex to be in full affect.

12-14-16, 11:49 PM
Thanks Sara. Helpful.

12-15-16, 05:54 AM
Is this the spansules or ir? Ir last about 3-4 hours so if you need more than 6-8 hours of coverage, 10mg might not be enough. The spansules last a bit longer and can be taken more than once a day. For me, multiple smaller doses more frequently work better. So if I were taking only 10 mg I would take 2.5 four times a day personally.