View Full Version : Wellbutrin XL + Dexedrine = Adderall?

12-15-16, 02:40 AM
Buproprion blocks reuptake for Noripinephrine
Dexedrine adds dopamaine
Adderall adds dopmamine plus has PNS stimulation I think from the noripinephrine effect?

How does Buproprion plus Dextroamphetamine feel to you compared to Buproprion plus amphetamine salt combo?

I've been taking Buproprion XL 150mg for 2 weeks to try as a stand alone treatment for my add,smoking,and abuse to short acting add stimulants that I've been prescribed since 2014.The last 2 weeks I don't know how to describe the way I feel except I need to sleep at least 8 hours or so to feel rested. I had anxiety the first couple to 4 days of taking Buproprion though I either got use to or it went away. Its not helpming my add at all its only helping with smoking(big plus!) and all day energy.So today I went ahead and got my dextroamphetamine refilled today. It has a weird but concentrated synergy I think. I felt tranquil like I could concentrate on what I need to do once the 10mg dex had 'kicked' in.No Buzz or anything which is good and no anxiety. Although I had some dizziness but I felt like the old me for a bit before 5 years ago when I was making straight A's and productive with good habits.

I bought cigarettes because I had been smoke free for the last 13 days after bupropion made it take nasty and blocked the buzz from the nicotine which is good cause I want to stop smoking. Though I bought a pack on purpose to see if the dextroamphetamine would trigger nicotine cravings and obviously it did psychologically cause I bought a pack lol, but I could NOT get a throat hit or "buzz" from the cigarettes. Someone is right on here buproprion makes smoking seem like you're smoking 'air'.I regret buying the pack because buproprion is doing its job so far and I feel like I wasted money.

That was a random I had to communicate to someone lol.

I am curious as to if I should either switch to Vyvanse or Adderall XR as I'm starting long acting stimulats for ADD for now on.I am going to keep taking buproprion XL for at least 6 weeks to see how it affects me or for however long I think I can take it and feel comfortable to stay a non-smoker. I like the combo that buproprion xl and dex had on me today as it felt natural so I might switch to Vyvanse as its the long acting version of dex and take Vyvanse plus Buproprion XL together.

Anyone know of the side effects of combine Buproprion with Amphetamine? Thank You

12-15-16, 04:26 PM
I been taking Buproprion for years.

seizure warnings is the only thing really to worry about, while rare, it increases when you combine Buproprion with other stims.

12-15-16, 04:30 PM
I’ve not had mixed amphetamine salts, but I’ve had Dexedrine and I have had Wellbutrin.

In any event, Dex + bupropion ≠ Adderall.

The mechanisms and modes of action are distinctly different.

Dex + Wellbutrin always seemed to work well for me.

Right now, I am not taking Wellbutrin, but I am taking Dex.

And I love how the nicotine from vaping can sustain the length of efficacy of the Dex.

Aside from the short-term effects of its own, that is.


Little Missy
12-15-16, 04:57 PM
Well, I HAD to quit taking Wellbutrin.

It made me want to unzip myself from my body and RUN!!:eek:

12-26-16, 12:39 AM
I would suggest maybe waiting a month or two after quitting smoking to determine a more "final" combo, just because there is such an energy zap when you give up cigarettes. In several instances of quitting, I've been a walking zombie for 6-8 weeks after quitting before bouncing back to "normal."

But definitely a plus if you could do Dex + Wellbutrin, because that's going to help several systems.