View Full Version : Window Shopping

12-16-16, 03:48 AM
We dispense misery because we will not be responsible for our words both bitter and empty
We break beauty because we feel ugly
We want sanity
So we embrace the enemy
Only to find no peace at heart only a piece of mind
From a noble beauty
Hiding behind a veil of what is ugly
Barely breathing
To our own drums
We expected angels
Buried among them
But the dead carry nothing
All that rests among them is empty
To see angelic things we must look within eachother
Windows to beauty
And madness if we choose to be
Always window shopping
Looking at the beauty of others
Not looking within
We snuff out the light
Believing we are more pretty in the dark
We hang illusions
Lifting our silence
In all its magnificance
In all its malevolence
Beauty causes dispair
And curses to those that care