View Full Version : Slow, sluggish, spacey. Nothing's working!

12-16-16, 11:09 AM
I suffer terribly from this, mentally and physically. Physically people would tell me to hurry up and do it faster. It's like I'm in slomo. My talking is also slomo as well, unless if I rehearse in my head what to say I might slightly be able to pull it off talking at an average pace. Because of my slomo, I mostly come out stuttering (not the typical type of stutter like repeating first letter/s). Mentally, I think really slow, processing etc if I person talks to me for more than 2 secs I'm already spaced out. Asking me a question or talking in a sentence then I can absorb it, but if their talk extends 2 seconds or something I'm out.
Is there anything to help this?
I tried phenylpiracetam and that helped so much with my speed but only physically and not really mentally. I was really able to but the pieces together, puzzles. But I still space out if people talk or explain things for more than 2 secs
I've tried stimulants and non have worked.
I don't understand what I'm deficient in. This has been a life long problem and I'm in my 20s now.
I get a full blood test every once a year and am fine. Sleep is 8 hours, I'm asian so I eat asian food, I exercise once or twice a week,
Would very much appreciate your input.

Is this like SCT to you?

12-17-16, 10:02 PM
Well, what does your doctor say and whats your diagnosis?

12-22-16, 02:04 AM
That I have ADHD PI some other ADHDPIs don't suffer like this.

12-23-16, 05:39 AM
well I thought SCT was more like a working theory rather than a dx ?